May 5, 2014


Hi there, Happy Monday to You <3 

I hope that You had a lovely weekend, sweet Ones :) It was an intense one indeed, I shifted once again, and I felt and still feel that I AM taking in more Light. I've had beautiful heart activity, and it feels like it is an ongoing thing Now, and my body has been/is buzzing because of all this integration. Light is what makes the New reality/paradigm of unity Reality and Tangible in the Now. The important thing in this opportunity that is presented to us; to take in more and more of the New Light that is available Now on the planet - is to keep a high vibration by staying centered within pure Love, Unity, Deep presence, Freedom, keeping the Intention without any expectations, and of course; Surrender.. Let Go.. dwell in the stillness and silence Within to be able to open up even more to the New which is only accessed through Love and Unification WITHIN ourselves. Through Higher awareness we can Balance ourselves. Awareness is the Key, and through this we can find Balance- which is absolutely Everything. It is through perfect Balance that we can Create pure Magic, Beauty, Miracles and Wonder. 
We are going towards merging and integrating this physical realty with the higher realms- making them One.

Enjoy giving birth in every new Now moment to a You that is ever closer to who You are in Truth, beautiful creator beings <3

Wishing You All a wonderful week ahead, may it be filled with Love, Magic, and Soul Bliss that comes from us Feeling, following and doing things from the depths of our Heart.


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