April 14, 2014


The lunar eclipse we are having 14-15 of April will work on our emotional body, it will trigger us in the areas we need to work on and embrace, through our relationships serving as mirrors to us. This is where we have an opportunity to control/master ourselves, to send complete Love and understanding towards whatever we are feeling, and to keep our vibration high.

We are to take a look at and truly feel how open our heart is?, are we putting unnecessary walls and protections around it?, because of fear. Remember that in truth we have nothing to fear by having our hearts open. By staying centered, and nurtured from Within - we will always be safe and Loved from our deep inner sacred space <3 and will not have any egoic needs and expectations on others.

We are also to have acceptance and understanding towards everyone on our path, for they are going through this too, in their own way <3

I Love You <3

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