April 14, 2014


I always enjoy reading Bill's astrology updates, and this one was no exeption :)

We are to Listen to the loving voice of silence in that inner sacred space <3
Our Beloved true self will always keep us centered, focused, and loving <3 There is no higher truth than to Care and to Love one another.

When we gather together in this understanding, Magic really starts to happen;)

"You are here quite simply to Master yourself, to have self control and thereby self-determination. For only then can you combine with other Centered, self-controlled companions to create and build your sacred spaces together." <3

Mercury Square Jupiter & Mercury Conjunct Uranus & Mercury Square Pluto, April 14-15, 2014. By Astrologer Bill Attride.

The fulcrum of 2014 draws closer...

Decisions, choices, challenges...they

Are all around you.

Behind, before, above and below you,

But most especially, the ones that count

Are always found within.

Many others will pull and push upon you,

You may become confused,

Or you may become disillusioned.

But all you need remember,

Is that always and forever,

There is a calm, quiet sanctuary,

A source of love and light for you.

Whenever you become unsure,

As you seek The Way,

Just listen to that gentle, loving voice within.

Your true Self is there,

With you forever and always.

The kindly loving "Voice of the Silence" is there,

And you will remember, oh yes you will know,

What is right and what is wrong.

For in the end, there is no other way,

"To Love or not",

That is the only question.

Remember this one Truth,

Be at Peace and be assured,

You true Self, your Beloved will forever keep you,

Centered, safe and loving,

In your walk among the Stars.

The Dance of the Planets is building to a most serious and auspicious crescendo. Though many voices will be heard preaching and predicting the very worse, (and sometimes more that this!), you should know that these alignments are not exceptional, they are most certainly not "bad" (or "good" for that matter).
These kind or type of alignments have and will happen again and again. All that matters for you, all that you are here to learn is how to Master yourself. For it is from your degree of Spiritual Awareness, it is from your presiding level of self-consciousness, self-control and self-determination, that you fashion your life from whatever is flowing around and from within you. For it is you who forges your Reality, and your Future too. Remember, these energies that sweep around you in the Starry spaces above are no more or less than the awesome powers that reside within you as well, "For as above, so below". Be not afraid and choose to be who you really are, always choose Love.
Remember, no one can say when you will awaken to the Greater Awareness, and so live in the Truer Reality that is within and around you too. But as you slowly begin to participate more consciously in lifting yourself (and so your world) to a more creative and loving space, so too will these awesome energies that are the true you be put to a more creative and loving purpose.
What you have and need to do always, (as a more or less self-conscious, self-aware spirit that is learning to be a considerate, loving co-creator of this Cosmos of Wonder) is this:
You have a responsibility to choose how you will use your Power, you have to stay focused and centered and not be confused or distracted by those who tell you that things "happen to you", that you have no choice, when in fact it is you as a Living Spirit that is helping to make it all happen. And know too, that when several of you gather together with this greater spiritual understanding, well that is when the real "magic" begins!
Though every day you need to draw closer to this Truth of your Spiritual Identity, there are times in any life that will stand out and remind you that what will be the measure of you at the end of this sojourn on Earth is this:
That what you gave is what you did receive. In this precious time that you have to live here, every single moment, every thought you share, every feeling you express, every action you take...all of it is or will become your Future. You are your Karma, and you with your companions are the creators who make your own heaven or hell here on Earth.
Today the Grand Cardinal Cross of 2014 is most certainly activated as Mercury, the Lord and Avatar of Thought and Communication is aligning exactly with three of the four planets who now stand in those Cardinal Corners, (and he will align with the fourth corner held by Mars on Wednesday).
And, not only does Mercury align today with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, but Pluto is changing direction and "standing still" too, turning retrograde (until September 22), and that will bring into even greater focus the quality and condition of your Will and Sacred Space.
Moreover, not only is all of this "happening", but today/tonight is also the day of the first Lunar Eclipse of 2014. Every month, at each Full Moon, you are reminded to stand back and consider the potent messages and guidance that is offered to you by this primary dance of your Sun and Moon. But a Total Lunar Eclipse is a message that reinforces the meanings of this moment, and reminds you by the beauty of this dance of Light and Shadows of the complexity and interconnectivity of your life here and what is happening "up there".
Yes, this is quite a time, this is quite a month...but what you need to know, of course, is what does this all mean? Since I will examine in more depth the messages of the Grand Cardinal Cross when it is most exact between April 20-23, for today let us focus upon the particular meanings of Mercury's elicitations that are here in this moment. I will post another comment afterward with regards to the Total Lunar Eclipse as well.
Whereas all 4 alignments of Mercury with the Cross should be held as one complete message, as they only form a complete spiritual message when integrated and balanced by one another, it is helpful examine them separately, each as one melody in a four part harmony of truth.
The first melody of Spirit is that of Mercury in Aries Squaring Jupiter in Cancer. The Enthusiasm and Idealism of Mercury in Aries is most needful of tempering by the ancient, familiar and centering truths that flow to you now from your Spiritual Roots by Jupiter in Cancer. As you "lead" with your mindful intentions now, as you practice the Art of the Presence in Aries, you need to consider most carefully the feelings that bind you to one another, for you are all part of the family of human.
For as much as you need to stretch your thoughts into new spaces of self-expression, you must equally remain in touch with the contexts of meaning formed by the legacy and efforts of those who came before you, as well as remain understandable to your present-day companions. For if you push yourself (and them) to far, you may slip beyond what is reasonable and sound, and your Idealism could create the very opposite of your well-intentioned meaning.
There is always present this tension in Spiritual Truth, between what is Ideal or Right and what is Truly the Good. That if the Law is such and such, then so be it, let it be done. But always between the Letter of the Law, between what is seemingly absolute and true, comes the intercession of Love and Compassion in how one should Think and then Act. That as much as you must hold to the Highest Ideals, there is no higher Truth than to Care and to Love one another. So you must find the truly Spiritual Way, the way between, to find what is right and loving too.
The second melody of Mercury today is elicited by his Conjunction with Uranus who is also in Aries. Here you will find one of the most potent keys to the mystery of your Self-Transcendence, of how you are able to walk the path of Mindful advancement. For it is by Uranus, the Avatar of your Higher Mind that resides within yourself, it is by this that you are aided in stepping outside of your necessary but self-limiting and self-made boundaries of thought-forms. For these Thought-Forms have been created by you, and they form your perception of what you see as your world, that is true. But these very Lenses of Illumination that you have formed will then also shadow and obscure from you what is the Greater Reality beyond your present knowing too.
Throughout your journey, you have to assume certain parameters, principles, ideas and beliefs in order to create your paradigm of life, and so you must. But that very paradigm will become its own prison of perspective that will hold you in a shadowed world. That is until some sparkling, shocking, oftentimes upsetting but wondrous burst from Uranus will reveal to you something beyond what was known, expectable or accepted by you or your world...And it is then that you will have your Epiphany, the scales will fall from your eyes, and you rise into a greater, more inclusive understanding, once again.
The third melody of Mercury is formed by his Square with Pluto in Capricorn. Much as with Mercury to Jupiter, Pluto here is modulating the enthusiasm of Mercury by one of the three core principles of Spirit. You are here to master yourself in order to develop and exercise your will, for by this you will create and live in Sacred Spaces with one another. Your most important task here is to maintain Mental Self-Control, holding your own Mind as a Sacred Space, but at the same time to equally treat all others with this same consideration, for of course their thoughts and mental space are sacred too.
If you misunderstand or misuse your will with regards to your mind, you may be tempted to bend another to your way of thinking, and even go so far that in so doing you feel you have "won" or proven right when you force them to think as you. But all you have done is diminish them and their will, and equally cause damage to your own soul too.
For by thinking and acting in this way you most certainly reveal that you have failed to appreciate the very nature of how your Consciousness formed, and you have failed to understand how it is that you will grow beyond your own limited space of knowing. The word Consciousness literally means "Together-Knowing". It means that the only way in which you are able to form your understanding, the only way you will advance your understanding is through and by sharing, blending and integrating your thoughts and sensibilities with one another. You are made of one another and the only way to see beyond your own self-cast shadowed thought-forms is by bringing into your own thought-forms the perspective and light that comes from many others too.
This Power of the Will is most emphasized now, for it is also today that Pluto turns retrograde. I mentioned this in my General Forecast for 2014 where I noted:
Pluto Retrograde (April 14 until September 22)
The Lord of Will and Sacred Space begins his annual period of retrograde, and it is time once again to re-connect to the well-spring of your Sacred Space, to re-affirm one of your three Principle Spiritual Gifts, the Power of your Will. It is time to use this power as it must and will be eventually mastered by you, to use this power for what must come first, which is that you are here quite simply to Master Yourself, to have Self-Control and thereby Self-Determination. For only then can you combine with other Centered, Self-Controlled Companions to create and build your shared Sacred Spaces together.
Yes, Mercury the Messenger is activating the Grand Cardinal Cross today by forming a tripartite link for you and these three of four Avatars.

From Jupiter the imperative to stay centered within the Ancient Truths that have guided your journey from the beginning.

From Uranus the gift of Self-Transcendence that is there within your own Higher Mind.

And from Pluto the power to choose to fulfill your responsibility to protect all Sacred Spaces, starting most importantly with your own mind.

Now what remains is your Fourth Cardinal Corner, and we will look at Mars when Mercury meets him on the 16th, Wednesday, which is Mercury's day.

Now, listen for the whisperings,

Gentle stirrings from within.

The Light is drawing closer,

The Pathway now is clear.

You are an Immortal,

Upon a Long Journey,

Lifting up your Soul.

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