May 12, 2014


Harmonious and Happy Monday to You, dear Ones <3

I do hope that You All have had a lovely weekend, and were able to relax, rest and just Be for a bit <3

This is a time for this indeed, I have kept receiving guidance, feelings, and pretty clear messages these last few days that this is important right Now, and will be important this whole upcoming week. Last night I felt it even stronger and clearer, these upcoming days will be really beneficial if enjoyed in a relaxed, peaceful, calm and sort of surrendered mode. Take a breather;) In this state we will be receptive and able to see/feel a lot of New guidance/messages/signs internally and externally that is perfect for us right now on our journey, and this will lead to new realizations and changes in one way or another.

I AM getting a strong feeling that this week is best spent in deep presence and that it is good to enjoy focusing on the Divine feminine principle of pure Beingness- nurture and receptivity. This relaxed state makes us feel and see more of all the Magic and Beauty that surrounds us.
We are to trust ourself, our feelings and inner guidance, our experiences, and trust that there's no need to overthink, doubt, or worry, everything is fine and works out in a way that is perfect for each and everyone's Soul journey.

Within a relaxed state, and by having Balance, Trust, and contentment in the Now- we get a deep knowingness that all is unfolding in divine perfection and timing on this journey of ever expansion and becomingness, and with a bit of perseverance and Trust- just like the flower buds on the picture- we can all be sure that we get the perfect amount of nurture and support to be able to grow and evolve into an even more expanded version of ourselves <3

Wishing You the most lovely week, bright shining hearts, may it be filled with harmony, peace, and clarity.

I Love You

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