May 13, 2014


Hi, Dear Ones <3 I hope that You are having a lovely and harmonious present moment.
I want to share my view on Balance, I do feel that it truly is everything, and is the key to Heaven on Earth.

Balance is everything. It is through perfect Balance that we can Create pure Magic, Beauty, Miracles and Wonder. When we go into the Core of ourselves, when we go into the stillness and silence within us that we all know so well on a deep level- we will hear from that silence the whispers of our inner guidance/heart. The feelings we get is our guidance, it is our Soul that speaks to us from that inner Core/Spark. When we follow our inner guidance we feel such peace and Balance within us, and we have a deep knowing that all is expanding perfectly.

Living in a Balanced way is when we can live our life in a way where we have Balance between doing and BEing, and we have Balance between all areas of our life, and in the Self (It's all about Balance between the feminine and the masculine energies within ourself). All parts and aspects of ourself and our life needs attention, Love, and nurture equally.
When we have connected to our inner Unique Spark and follow our inner guidance completely- there is BALANCE, because we Feel, we trust, we know. If we have truly found our inner Spark- we can not be anything else than Balanced, our inner Knows at all times what we need in every moment.

And how do we connect to our Spark? I feel that living within Deep Presence makes us have more Awareness, we are therefor receptive to what our inner guidance is whispering to us through our feelings. So Awareness is the Key, it is through Awareness we become our True Self.
It is important to open up the heart and have trust, otherwise the feelings may come from lower mind/ego and will therefor not be for the Highest Good. Always go Within, be still, let go and truly listen without any expectations or needs, really feel in the heart. By connecting Higher Heart with Higher Mind (through really connecting to our Core/Spark) we will always live with inner freedom, trust, Love, and contentment in the Now. We get a deep knowingness that all is unfolding in divine perfection and timing.

We are here to thrive. We are here to be our Authentic Self, to bring forth our uniqueness and live it. We have the opportunity to learn, grow and expand through joy, peace, contentment and Creating. We are to trust ourself, our feelings/inner guidance, our experiences, and trust that there's no need to overthink, doubt, or worry, everything is fine and works out in a way that is perfect for each and everyone's Soul journey.

Our inner guidance knows at all times how to live within Balance.

I Love You <3

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