May 14, 2014


Happy Full Moon in Scorpio, dear sisters and brothers <3

What a powerful and amazing time we are in. So much is bubbling up from deep within us, so many realizations and changes, both personally and collectively. Many of us have had a lot of growth, expansion and changes these last few months or so, and now we are to assimilate and integrate it in a powerful way.
We are to release any sort of resistance, which only leads to struggle. This is a perfect time to take a breather, to stop, and look around, within and without. This week is best spent in deep presence and it is good to enjoy focusing on the Divine feminine principle of pure Beingness- nurture and receptivity. It is a time for relaxation, rest, and just Be. These upcoming days will be really beneficial if enjoyed in a relaxed, peaceful, calm and sort of surrendered mode.
In this- we will be able to feel what really is important and matters to us most at this time, what truly is in accordance to our Soul journey.

This full moon brings a lot of realizations for us, especially if we focus on staying relaxed and just Be, because this mode makes us more receptive to what is coming up. We are to Empower ourselves and focus on our passions and what we truly desire. If there is any sort of struggle or limitations- there is resistance from us to something within us, and Now is prefect to take a good look at if there's anything that is no longer serving us, and change or release what is not working. And we know if something is not working for us anymore if there is struggle.

In the end of May we might have lots of new things coming into our lives, and we are to prepare and be ready for it by taking really good care of ourselves. Listen to our inner and to our physical vehicle - what do we want on all different levels? We are to embrace, acknowledge, give attention to, Love, nurture, and feed all parts of ourself and our life- there are to be Balance.
The absolute basics are to have plenty of rest, exercise, Life Food, beautiful nurture and pampering. It is TIME to finish up unfinished things, projects, business etc. to make space for- and be Ready for the New. Also Let go, surrender, release, and let something/things "die" - make space to be able to born something NEW and Fresh.
Welcome in and embrace the change. We are here to thrive, we are here to be our Authentic Self, to bring forth our inner Sparks uniqueness that we all are in truth, and live it. 

Know that You are worthy of a life in abundance in all areas. We don't find value in doing or acting a certain way, we are valuable just by existing. We are all of equal value, and we deserve to live an abundant life, that is filled with what we love and are passionate about - what brings us Soul Bliss.

I AM wishing You a lovely day. Enjoy this Full Moon, bathe in the beautiful energy of it;) Oh, and don't forget to put out the crystals for a cleanse in the moon light:) my little beauties can't wait;P

I Love You

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