June 13, 2014


Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius, Beloved Sparks <3 Today on Friday the 13th we're having this bold and fierce Full Moon in Sagittarius- a fire sign of action. I AM feeling this action energy strongly, it is a feeling of wanting to get things done/start new projects/finish up what one have started.

"Spiritual"/consciousness expansion is what this Full Moon is bringing to us, and lovely courage, which blends with a strong sense of compassion. It is a "breaking free of lower mind/egoic/conditioning tendencies" opportunity. In Divine Love- there are no conditions, expectations, judgement, or analyzing, whatsoever. In Divine Love and Grace there's honoring of- and gratefulness for All, everything, and the Self. We see the Love, Light, beauty, and Magic in all of Creation. All are of equal value, and All are Loved. Complete compassion, kindness, truthfulness, integrity, and acceptance. 

We may get illumination to our own visions. We feel that anything is possible right now, there's a beautiful optimistic feeling in the air, and there may be some breakthroughs for us. This period is tense in the sense of that the old and the new is confronting each other. We feel a sense of meaning, and that this privilege to live a physical life here on planet Gaia is an amazing Adventure;) that expands to new states/levels of being, in every new Now moment. 

I AM just going to say this - Dear Family of Light, it is Time to within pure Love embrace with every part and aspect of ourselves- our dreams/desires in this new reality that we are in now. It is Time to see, feel, taste, BE this reality that we have been/are Creating within/without. Be the way-showers of a higher dimensional way of living, within purity, integrity, and happiness. This will bring forth the Heaven/paradise that we are Creating in the physical on planet Gaia. We are here at this time because we wish to experience heaven in a physical reality. Together as One within Divine Love we are co-creating this reality of beauty, wonder, harmony, unity, plenty, and Magic for All who wishes so. Anchor this into the planet. BE pure true Love- the highest vibration. Live the new within deep presence. Enjoy every moment, dear hearts.

True pure Love Creates complete Trust and Freedom within us. 

Enjoy this Full Moon, bathe in its beautiful light of joy, optimism, beauty, and Magic. Shine your brightest Light;) Honor and live your Truth. Focus on that which gives you a sense of Soul Bliss :)

Together we are, in One Divine Love. 

I Love You <3

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