June 30, 2014


Our Soul is pure energy, it is a unique individualized expression of source, and it stays the same through all our incarnations here and in other worlds/realities, other dimensions. It wants to experience so that it expands and becomes more self conscious in this ever expanding Now moment. As we embody more and more of our Soul- our Divine Self, and balances all our bodies- we understand the importance of discernment when it comes to who we let into our energy fields, Sacred Space, and life. So even though we expand into Unity-consciousness- we feel the oneness with all, we feel and see their beauty and Light as a source expression prefect in their unique way- we at the same time will feel the need and importance of being very true to our inner feelings in regards to whom we encounter/interact with on a deeper/more personal/private level in our life, wether it is close friends or intimate romantic relationship. We no longer have the "space" in our life for beings whose vibrational frequency is not a match on a deep Soul level to our own. So as in all areas- embrace it all within neutrality, and release with Love everything that is not in Harmony with ourselves. Remember that I AM talking about deep personal/private connections here, of course we are to have complete compassion, integrity, kindness, and truthfulness towards All. We just need to truly and clearly understand that we simply will get "pickier"/discerning in our close relationships. It is a natural occurring, because as we give birth more and more of our True Self, and as we feel complete Love for ourself in all its Beingness and existences in Creation- we will naturally Feel what we need and what brings us beautiful expansion and Bliss on a Soul level. We no longer act from little Self/egoic tendencies/lower mind, and have therefor released any destructive patterns and self satisfaction games. We instead feel deep Love for All of Creation, we honor it All, and we therefor only wish to bring more Love and Light into worlds. We serve All, instead of just ourselves in this little part of our Beingness that we are here on Gaia. This does not mean that all who do not live like this/are not conscious about it, are not doing the "right" thing. There are no judgement whatsoever. We are all exactly where we need to be to get the expansion that is needed to become more self-conscious on this journey of ever Becoming. I AM saying this simply because it might bring You more clarity as in the feeling of being more discerning and "picky" in this time of intense expansion and more embodiment of our Divine Self and multidimensional Self. 

Enjoy becoming the True You. Do not settle, regards to whom You let into your Sacred Space. See your "pickyness" as a beautiful indication that You are becoming more of your Soul Self and are therefor becoming so pure, balanced, and centered in pure Love, that You Feel what is for your higher good. This also means that whatever You do in this state also brings/serves the higher good of All. As we connect our Higher Heart with our Higher Mind, we get more "limited" from an old perspective, but in the New- we are Freer than ever before, we are our True Self and can live in Truth, purity, harmony, and in accordance to the principles of Nature. We enjoy BEing and Creating for the sake of BEing and Creating. We Create for the enjoyment of it, within playfulness, innocence, and gentleness. This brings Magic, bliss, and absolute euphoric wonder to our hearts. What a beautiful thing.

I Love You <3

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