June 27, 2014


Beloved Ones <3 As always, a new moon brings us energies of new beginnings for the upcoming lunar cycle. So it is a perfect time for setting intentions. By us being deeply connected to our inner/true heart and following our inner guidance/feelings/intuition- we are always Creating what is for the highest good for us and everyone concerned, that which brings beautiful expansion and joy. As we start to truly live in the New- we no longer go by time in this linear way, we live deeply in the Now- we Create at all times in the present expanding moment, and the belief that "time" brings us to where we desire to go is no longer in our focus. I live more and more like this in every moment, so I AM not "using" astrology in this way anymore.

This is how it is in the New Now- we enjoy Being and Creating for the sake of Being and Creating. We have come to understand that this is what it is all about, we will know that "not knowing" and surrender is key to expansion and contentment, we can just live as One with the laws and principles of Nature, and use the Cosmic Laws to Create/expand for the benefit of All That Is. We live connected deeply to Mother Earths rhythm/heart and the Cosmic rhythm/heart, the constant flow. We know that everything is merged as One in the Now- and we start being the Creator Being that we are in truth- who Creates at all times, and can tap into whatever is for our greatest good and what helps us bring about our next step. Doesn't this make sense? We have aligned ourselves with the Cosmic whole, we are completely Empowered from Within, we are deeply present and have become our true self; we are pure, centered, Balanced- and therefor know/feel our value, freedom, and power to Create in the Now. We Trust, we feel, we are completely confident in our own BEingness - we no longer need to release, cleanse, and let go of old experiences/beliefs/stagnations- we can start to use astrology in a New way. It will serve us in the Now. This is how I see/feel it now, and this is how I live more and more now. It is beyond beautiful in the sense that every moment is about aligning with the road of least resistance. I know my own value and I recognize fully the value, beauty, Light in others. When we truly live in Unity-consciousness- we see ourselves in All, we "see" their Light, and we also feel their individualized Spark, we know that absolutely All of Creation is of equal value and are just as important/"needed" as the other in Oneness.

In the New- when we live our highest Divine purpose- we are to Create in every moment from our Bliss, and "let go" with Love everything that is not fitting into our reality, we align with what we wish to see/enjoy/experience. We bring spirit into matter as One. This is how we as Masters, Create with Nature, how we live a higher dimensional life on planet Gaia, we flow with our true feelings and follow our passions. We let Love flow through us, and we bring Love into all that we do, every action, every encounter, food, beverage, thought, word, and feeling. The New is absolutely amazing, expect the unexpected and unbelievable, the New "normal" is wonder, bliss, and magic. 

Those who have ears will hear and those who have eyes will see.

Be the New in the Now ;)
Wishing you all so much Love, wishing you a wonderful Friday and weekend filled with magic, laughter, and blessings. Let the inner child and also the Unicorn energy merge with You completely, be and create through playfulness, gentleness, innocence, purity, integrity, compassion and kindness. Thank You for being the true and absolutely amazing You. Enjoy this time of intense body integration of the New, take time to rest, relax, and feel it all, in a surrendered mode <3 

I Love You <3

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