June 21, 2014


Beloved Ones, I hope that You are having a lovely day <3

Heart completely open, and embracing this beautiful new Light with all that I AM. Absolutely magnificent activations and codes activated now <3 The solstice energies brings us a wonderful opportunity for expansion, for enlightenment/illumination on our journey of ever becoming. The Light that is emerging from Within us is bringing us further into the New physical reality that we are Creating and materializing through Divine Remembrance (we make a conscious choice to embrace our inner Remembrance and the essence of who we truly are). Beautiful, magical, blissful, and harmonious realities are coming forth for us in the Now. Expect anything, there are no limits, they were of the lower dimension human mind, and let go of perceptions and beliefs. We are only bound to that which we perceive to be true. 
Know that if there's still any old programming within you, it may be triggered by this Light, it brings attention to all that is not in harmony, so that it can be released with Love/transmuted/transcended.

Enjoy <3 Surrender, flow flow flow.. Connect the higher heart with higher mind, embrace your whole being and your feelings/inner guidance. "The kingdom of Heaven is within You, and whosever shall know himself shall find it."

Breathe in this amazingness with an open heart, dear Ones <3 Let the inner child play in all its innocence and joy <3 Create as the Master that You are.

I Love You <3

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