June 18, 2014


Happy blissful day, Beloved Family of Light and Love <3 These incoming solstice energies of Love is filling up our heart and higher heart, it is filling up our physical body and all our bodies. We are progressing beautifully with our hearts wide open. We are expanding intensely at this time through these waves of Light, our crystalline structure is growing in a rapid pace, and we are experiencing deeper and deeper awareness. We are connecting deeper to our inner individualized source Spark, which makes us move into Unity consciousness more and more. I AM feeling deeper Love than ever, and this blissful state is increasing for us All in every new moment. 

A little message from me today about Love <3 
Let Divine Love-Light flow into your heart, let it fill up your whole being, and let this Love flow out and into all that you do, see, encounter, and create. Divine Love is the highest vibration, and we can BE it in action. Follow your creative passions and bliss, follow the path of least resistance, Create from your beautiful heart <3 Stay focused on the Light, hold it as high as possible, and stay Centered in pure true Love. 
Our Light is rippling out around the whole planet, this intelligent Light knows exactly where to go, where it is most needed. Worlds and realities are Created and formed through us following and BEing our bliss. I AM honoring You All, beautiful bright hearts <3 Blessings to You.

Remember, all and everything in prefect Divine timing, and in accordance to Divine will. 
Wishing you a lovely day <3 Stay deeply present and empowered in your inner guidance, stay grounded, focused, centered, balanced, calm, and pure. Send Love to- and Embrace it all with your wings of Light. Let the inner Divine child play!
Flow flow flow ;)

I Love You <3

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