July 24, 2014


Beloved Ones <3
It feels like there is a big Opening/shift right now, an intensity and speeding up of manifestations of this second part of the year. I AM feeling so much expansion at this time, in myself- clarity, inner remembrance, revelations, integrations, trust in my feelings/inner guidance, even more embodiment of- and deep Love for my True/Divine Self. This is what I wrote about at the Full Moon, that this period could present all this, if we stay open, conscious, and surrendered within deep presence, and I AM deeply feeling it. 
We are Now "building up" for the powerful July gateway that will occur on July 25-27. I AM feeling how my whole being is buzzing, taking in so much Light/codes/downloads, which means hyper mode with lots of ideas, creating, doing, lots of heat/energy in the body etc., and at the same time there's so much stillness within beautiful neutrality and peace. 
I do feel a bit of "can't wait"/excitement/restlessness for what will come, not much, but this I feel/hear many are experiencing an amplification of at this time- the not-knowing and restlessness  which comes from sort of a "finishing up" and preparing for the new state. All this is also being amplified because of the building of the Light for the gateway- which is yet another opportunity for deep expansion of our consciousness. 

I also witness so much releasing, clearings, and cleansing for many beings right now, it is truly amazing, of course it might not feel that great to be in the midst of it, but it is necessary, to be able to embrace the next chapter. This also has to do with that our DNA is activating its original structure, and our blueprints are activating. The crystalline cell growth is intensifying (we are going from a carbon based structure to a carbon-silica form), this calls for eating and drinking pure, so that we are supporting this. It is a conscious choice to align all areas in our lives, on all levels, to welcome in/allow/BE this expansion of ourselves and our physical vehicles into the New human, who will walk this reality as a co-Creating Master within pure Love.

If we have opened up to and embraced our True Self, and feel free, safe, centered, and nurtured from within- this time will start to bring in increased manifestations, and even more Creativity that comes/gets birthed from pure Love and authenticity- in a more powerful way. This will only amplify and get stronger, loves. We are to open up the heart and mind even more, focus completely on our intentions/true hearts desires, so that we are Creating what is for the highest good for ourselves and all concerned.
Release with Love what does not serve You, brings upliftment, and release excess tasks/interactions. Also release doubts as much as possible, so that we are open and trusting of our Self/feelings/knowing/experiences.

I AM so very exited for all the New, and I hope that You are too <3 We are to enjoy this absolutely amazing time, Feel and BE in it all, every "step" of the journey in this expanding Now moment.

Remember, all and everything in Divine perfection, timing, and will.
Enjoy this time within a relaxed, surrendered, trusting mode, flow flow flow. Every moment is to be experienced and savored within deep presence, groundedness, centeredness, and calmness.

I Love You <3

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