July 26, 2014


Happy New Moon in Leo, dear sisters and brothers <3 This fire sign is all about inner Power, stepping into self empowerment and leadership, self confidence, self worth, honoring and enjoying our own uniqueness, BEing Creative- really focus on our Creative passions. This time is about passionate and true Love, and friendships/connections, so there is this wonderful sense of excitement in the air, as these unions in purity, integrity, oneness, acceptance, kindness and grace might take place.
Be playful, grateful, laugh, enjoy and focus on the beauty/Light in persons/situations/experiences. 

We are to go on adventures, take "risks"- it might become the most wonderful/amazing thing, and the beginning of something magical and perfect/in alignment with our heart. Go ahead, it is time to plant the seeds for what we desire. Hold the intention, always within deep presence, Grace, and centeredness. Listen to and Trust your True Heart. Trust your Feelings, what do You want/wish/desire?, live it, walk it, enjoy it, take action on it, BE it in the Now. 

Focus ;)

I do Feel that this day and weekend is to be spent in stillness, to relax and be still for a bit is needed to be able to truly Feel/hear/see clearly within and without. Stillness and nurture brings clarity, revelations and beautiful ideas/inspiration. 

I Love You <3

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