August 21, 2014


Dear Ones <3 Many of us feel that we are going through a time of change and integration in a rapid pace, and are completely breaking free of absolutely everything that does not serve us in the next phase and New Now. We may feel overwhelmed, or a bit, or very uncomfortable at times, there may be uncertainty, tiredness, sadness, emptiness, or even depression for some. But there can also come in beautiful clarity, focus, and revelations from all this. I AM feeling that I have Now stepped into Divine Love even more <3 I feel that I AM getting even Stronger. We are connecting even deeper in our relationships with our dear friends and Soul Family, and feel the beauty of being here together, supporting and sharing with each other. A New level of connectedness and trust is here, and we start to feel the safety, support, and protection from each other in a much more profound and touching way. In our own unique beingness, we are beautiful, loved and amazing beyond words. By staying true to ourselves within integrity, purity and compassion, and with our inner and outer Magic, we are- and will Create miracles and beauty beyond compare. 

Know that this period is very important and is helping and preparing us for great expansion and is makings us ready and refreshed for the next phase/chapter in our lives and also the next phase for Beloved Gaia. We are preparing to truly transform, just like the caterpillar inside the cocoon transforms into a butterfly. We are spreading our wings of Light even more on our journey of ever becoming <3 So no need to worry in any way. No need to go into fear (control, beliefs, self destructiveness), old egoic patterns/tendencies.

What we are opening up to is the limitless possibilities in the New, the unimaginable wonderful, and beautiful beyond compare. We are here to anchor the New Earth that we already have within us of course. Which is all about Love, freedom, beauty, and plenty. By BEing our True Self within integrity and purity, Creating (in all its endless ways) within pure Love- through full devotion and oneness with all of Creation in the Now- we are bringing so much upliftment energy to the world.
And this is what this intense phase is bringing us even closer to- our True Self and to be able to embody a new level of Truth, so that we can start a new chapter in our own perfect timing and pace.

The key to go through this time with more ease is to have beautiful patience, trust in this process, BE in our inner peace and sacred space, nurture and take care of the Self, have presence with our body, really listen to our body and our true heart to know what we may need from moment to moment. For many right now, it is good to just be.. Enjoy the Divine feminine principle of pure Beingness, receptivity and nurture till You feel more clarity and feel sure of what action to take. There is no hurry. In this surrendered state of trust and awareness, we will always feel when to take the right action steps. 
And Remember to take time to play and be goofy;) there are to be beautiful balance between all areas.

Stay grounded, present, and amazing;) Shine your brightest as the unique Spark that You are.

I Love You <3

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