August 21, 2014


Dear Ones <3 The other day I put up a post on Facebook about colors and how we can consciously work with Light by using colors. That day I was completely surrounded by magenta pink, which is my favorite color, it is the color of Divine Love. Divine Love is fully accepting, embracing, non judgmental, non analytical, it is completely neutral and pure.
I do Love all colors, but I and most do have a fave or two. <3

Colors are Light, by working and using colors we are Creating with Light.
My favorite color, magenta pink is the essence of our Higher Heart- through where we can activate our deepest desires and Soul potentials by being Balanced in our Divine feminine and masculine energies and in Unity consciousness within- and we therefor let the White Light of Creation to flow through us, which emanates from Source. We BEcome co-creator Gods. We can Create and experience so much Magic, beauty, wonder and miracles in this state, we Create new worlds and realities through our inner Magic. As we connect to our core- our Spark, we know, we feel, we hear, we see. As within, so without, as above, so below. There is no separation.

By surrounding ourselves with a color that has the essence of whatever we wish to align with and bring in more of at the moment- we are consciously Creating/working with the power of Color/Light.

My water bottle is pink too. We can bless our drinking water with for example Love, and we can also infuse it with a specific vibration. So by using a glass or bottle with a color that represents whatever we enjoy or wish to bring in more of- the color will transmit its energy to the water. We consist of so much water, so working with water is an important key to Magic;)

Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of colors <3

I Love You <3

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