August 18, 2014


Sweet Monday to You <3

Can You feel the intensity of this time?
We are having an intense time Now, much is happening on so many levels. Things are "speeding up" for our benefit, and to help us shift, so that we can embody this new level of Truth. This wave of energy is now ongoing, before it came in certain times, but Now we are ready for this next phase with a different type of intensity, which is Now, we have stepped out of "time" in the sense that we "wait" for things/gates/openings/star alignments etc. Now, it is just a matter of where we stand and how much we are ready for in every new expanded Now. It may feel a bit overwhelming at times. I AM feeling this and hearing this from a few of my dear friends and companions right now, how there is this intensity, and completely new chapter, where another revelation presents after another. 

Inner peace, Self care, nurturing, presence with our body, patience, and perseverance is key. All unfolds in perfection and Divine timing. We are to be well with change and not-knowing, till what we need is presented to us. Remember, there is no hurry, we are to really get clarity, and take action when we feel guided to.

Know that whatever is going on or is experienced within and/or without is there to help us. It may be very intense, and we may feel "thrown off guard" a bit even. Know and trust that all is well, all is for our highest good, it is there to help us in the embodiment of our Divine Self, peel of another layer, help us expand, grow, and learn. Listen to your true heart, this knowing that we find there can no one take away from us. And it is there that we find what we need, and it is there that we Know who we are and what we are doing here, Remember.
We are embracing and BEcoming One with all that we are, all our aspects, parts, multidimensional expressions. We are BEcoming One with all that is. There is no time, it is all Now, and it is just a matter of how aware, conscious, and open we are within the New Now, with all its endless possibilities. 
It is a choice. Will we choose Self empowerment, Love, freedom, purity, integrity, and release beliefs, egoic tendencies, and fears? Nothing ever comes by itself, we ourselves are the ones who invites, opens up to, integrate, and BEcomes it. It does not matter how much we talk, wish, dream or whatnot, the only thing that truly matters and shows where we are is our ability to LIVE our Truth, which we discover Within us in every New moment. We are Creator beings who Creates at all times. 
It takes great courage and bravery to truly accept that we Create our reality, it takes courage to go Within, many lags at the threshold, within fear and unawareness, and make up all sorts of beliefs, excuses, and whatnot so they don't have to "deal" with their whole being in all its "nakedness". But there is nothing to be afraid of, of course, because in our Core we find our True Self, our Spark, which holds all we ever need, eternally and infinitely. There we feel the freedom, wholeness, balance, and perfection, we feel complete contentment, and have no need to search "out there" for it.
But at the same time, this is the beauty of free will, we get to choose. Let's honor our right to choose.

This time calls for pure Beingness at times, relaxation, BEing within deep presence, deeply grounded into Mother Gaia, and BEing centered, calm and conscious. Listen to what you need, and what your body needs. Breathe deep <3
Through stillness and contemplation, Creation is being prepared and "planned". The longer and bigger the in-breath, the Greater the out-breath.

We have only Now, and by embracing this fully, we know and trust that all is in Divine perfection. So know that all is beyond well, loves, enjoy your inner Magic and Truth. 

Wishing You all so much Love and miracles.

I Love You <3

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