August 15, 2014


The Patience and Trust in reaping what we have sown when it is ripe and truly ready, not sooner nor later.

I have been harvesting apples in the park this week. I AM so grateful to be able to pick these apples.
Pure Life Force is what we are talking about here, loves ;P I will Create a healthy version of an apple pie with these beauties;)
Thank You Mother Nature for your fruit. <3

Let's harvest the beauty of what we have sown, in all ways;)
If we wish to only Create, manifest, reap, receive, experience what is in alignment with our highest good and what is in accordance with the laws of Nature, patience and perseverance is key. Trusting in what is to come and unfold. By relaxing, and surrendering in the present moment in all its nakedness, we Create a lovely flow. We embrace ourselves fully, all our aspects and parts, within and without of course. By embracing, allowing, trusting, and by BEing centered, calm and focused, listening to our heart/inner guidance, we exist within pure Love. We are here to remember that we can live on this planet as Love expressed. We are to remember and discover that pure True Love and BEing our True Self can Create so much Magic, wonder, beauty and abundance.
Through embodying Soul, in this Light of our Soul awareness- we are taking ourselves Home, to our true self- who we were born to BE, and All and everything that comes with this, within and without on all levels, Home. <3

By honoring our inner wholeness- our own inner Sacred Marriage, embodying Soul, and multidimensional aspects; BEcoming our natural state of Divine Self- we bring in Source- we bring Heaven to Mother Earth through our BEingness and trough all our Creations. This passionate dance of Life and Love that we in this state experience amongst the Stars within pure Bliss manifests in the physical too, this higher state is meant to be grounded Here on Mother Earth.

Wishing You a Wonderful weekend, dear Ones :) 
Make your own unique Magic, honor yourselves, trust.

I Love You <3

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