August 8, 2014

LION'S GATE 8.8 2014

Beloved Family of Love and Light, I want to wish you all a happy Friday and Lion's Gate <3 

Whoa, flow flow flow with this strong current, the intensity of these powerful energies of this gateway that is opening today is beyond beautiful. I had a dream this night that symbolizes this time beautifully; I was climbing on a mountain, there were a very rough terrain, but the journey was in a rapid steady phase, and there always presented a way to get to the next step. It went smooth and it all unraveled perfectly in every moment. 

As the energies build up at this time and will peak in about a week from now- staying deeply present, calm, conscious, and balanced feels important. Change is in the air, and we are now rapidly moving into the New and truly wonderful that we have Created within us. Now there are no limits whatsoever on the speed of going into our next phase, we have the option to choose very rapid proceed into this. As always, we are to feel, and trust our true heart, listen to the deep inner knowing that only we ourselves have. We all feel which road, and pace that is perfect for us in the Now, remember there's never any rush for anything, or need to see things through a "time" perspective. 
Big Changes and intensity can make us feel a bit clingy to the known/"safe"/familiar/old, fear/hesitation/doubt may creep in at times, but when we are deeply connected to our Core- to our inner, we enjoy the expansion and the shifts in all its nakedness. We know and are well with change, and we know that expansion and change will infinitely be in this Now moment. We enjoy the flow and beauty of the dance of Love and Life. We enjoy Creating and existing for the sake of Creating and existing, right here, right Now- Beloved Gaia, Creating our own unique space of Heaven in the New within pure Love, and co-Creating so much amazingness with our Soul Families that we have worked with since the beginning.

May You enjoy this absolutely amazing time, dear Ones, really bathe in the intensity and let this strong currant sweep You into so much Love, Magic, passion, and bliss.

I AM staying in my own Sacred Space, focused, grounded, and calm;) 

I Love You <3

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