August 5, 2014


By balancing, merging, and weaving together the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within ourselves, and honoring them fully- we live our fullest potential. In this- we co-Create a New "future" for ourselves, humanity, and the whole universe.

It was in that very first Sacred Union between energies- the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, that all of Creation was born. When the female and male aspects of the Divine came together and became One- the Divine Child of Creation was conceived, which is all life, forms, realities, and worlds. The nature of polarity is the principle of creation. Two within One ignites the third- the Creative energy- the Life Force energy itself.

All in Creation exists through the Divine principle of two within One, and are to "work" in accordance to it to Create for the Higher Good of All.
These energies are to be embraced, integrated and balanced/whole within us. It is a conscious choice we have, to be aware and understand what these energies need to become balanced. We then BEcome a balanced being on all levels. When working in complete harmony, the Sacred Union of the Divine Feminine and Masculine can unite, heal and Create anything. It can Create so much beauty, Magic, wonder, and miracles. 

Fear, self victimizing, oppression of our FEELINGS, oppression of our inner knowing/wisdom/power, and oppression of our own beauty, truth and Love- is what causes the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies to become unbalanced.

The Divine Feminine in its natural state is nurturing, receptive, patient, fully accepting, wise, intuitive, tender, peaceful, playful, creative and fertile. The principle of the Divine feminine is nurture, receptivity and pure BEingness. Our feminine intuition- inner guidance/knowing/feelings, is one of our most powerful tools when it comes to true guidance in all areas of our lives. If we truly listen to our inner/heart, trust it fully and take action on it- we go in the direction of and take the steps that is perfect for our greater good.
We are to listen to our body, thoughts, and emotions, because this is where our feminine energy is communicating with us. The more discomfort in these areas- the more we are not truly listening to the feminine part of ourselves. When the feminine is not in balance, and is ignored- we have no Self-respect, pure Love for ourselves, and discernment. So Listening to our body/feelings/thoughts/heart is crucial. 
The Divine Feminine within us is what is meant to Love us no matter what, nurture us, and honor us. So we are to be fully open to- and allow this, by Loving, nurturing, and honoring our whole being with all its aspects/parts/experiences.
Our Divine Feminine energy is also the womb of course- where the masculine seed (all the ideas we are here to realize) is fully supported, nurtured and then birthed. This is what we all do- we give birth to ourselves, ideas, art, realities, etc. and when we have a balanced Feminine aspect- all will be done with grace and ease.

The Divine Masculine in its natural state is fearless, gentle, loyal, courageous, adventurous, and completely harmless. The masculine is empowered and believes in the Self fully, and Knows that by having pure intentions and then actions that are fully aligned with it- success is a fact. The masculine is the protector, and the gentle strength of this energy when in balance, brings beautiful harmony and peace to areas where there may be conflict and separation. The masculine energy is a leader, and is not afraid to speak, live, BE the truth, regardless of if anyone else agrees or not. This energy is courageous and stands for what is right. The tremendous power of this energy is not misused or abused when in balance. So if the Divine Masculine is balanced within us- we always use our power, such as words, doings, actions, resources etc. in ways that unite instead if separate, Creates instead if destroys. When the Divine Masculine is out of balance, we are afraid to fail, we get stagnated, and the power gets overpowering and can be bullying in one way or another.
The Divine Masculine enjoys the unknown, and is not afraid of it at all. Adventure and exploring New territory on all levels is what the masculine enjoys.

By balancing, uniting, merging, and weaving together these two energies as One- the powerful, protective, fearless and gentle masculine with the Loving, nurturing, and wise feminine- we get utter and pure perfection. When these work as One- we have a beautiful constant flow of pure true Love to- and from our hearts- and the Life Force energy is flowing, we can therefor Create anything. We can in this Balanced state of standing in the Heart of the Divine- use our full potential here on Beloved Gaia. We can draw into the physical/materialize/manifest absolute wonder. We master the art/alchemy of bringing our Soul/heart desires into matter/form. We, through our merging of the feminine-masculine within us ignite the third energy which is the Creative energy- the Life Force itself, and this Love-Light Bubble around our whole BEing emanates out around this whole planet, cosmos and beyond..

In the United, Sacred, peaceful, eternal and infinite Core of our BEing, in our Beloved I AM presence, we are Home, always.

Divine feminine and masculine existing as One. <3

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