August 29, 2014


Hi there <3 I hope that You are having a lovely Now moment. <3
As we embody Soul more, and BEcome our True Self, we step into the New more and more. In the New, we naturally desire to live our truth and in integrity as our True Self in all areas. There are to be Balance between all areas, aspects and parts in our life, it is all One and needs to flow in harmony and balance with- and between each other. The vertical ("spiritual"/upper) are to be One with the horizontal (physical). One part of all this is to take good care of our physical body. It is the vehicle that makes us able to be here in these absolutely amazing and changing times on the planet, and we are to treat it as the temple that it truly is;) By truly listening to our body to feel what it needs, and follow our inner guidance, we will naturally be driven and inspired to take action and do what is good for it. 

I have had a desire to start running for many years, but I never did anything to make it so, meaning buying running shoes/sport clothes. Of course this is a very easy thing to do, but clearly the motivation and will was not there. 
I, like many of us, have expanded and shifted very profoundly and are living as my True Self, and I have consciously made the choice through my inner empowerment and strength to walk into the New, step by step, in beautiful pace, perfect timing and doing what is perfect in the Now for my own unique journey of ever BEcoming. 
One of the things which I felt that it was perfect time for was to finally start running! For me, it belongs in my New world.

So I made a clear vision of the type of shoes I desired and what price range they would be in. After a few days, boom!, I had bought a pair. I found them online for an absolutely amazing price. They fit me so perfectly and I could not be more happy with them. I have started to run now, taking it easy now in the beginning. Oh I feel so fresh and light as I run, it empowers me and gives me strength and even more clarity. So this ripples to- and brings balance to all areas of my beingness of course. 

Listen to your body, listen to your inner, flow with it and let this currant of ever increasing Light bring You into your own beautiful life in the New, one lovely step at a time, no matter how small or big it is, it is all of equal value and importance.

Wishing You a weekend filled with harmony, peace and many laughters;P

I Love You <3

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