September 1, 2014


Happy September and Monday to You, Beloved Ones <3 I hope that You have had a lovely weekend. Here are some pics from my weekend adventures:))

I AM developing a recipe for vegan, sugar free, gluten free, and yeast free cinnamon rolls. Yay! 
Had fun baking my first batch yesterday. The rolls turned out yum, just need to make a couple of adjustments, then I will share the recipe here on the blog <3

At the grocery store buying ingredients for the cinnamon rolls. Woohoo!, Should one be this concentrated and excited when at a grocery store?? Lol, according to me, Yes ;) I also found quinoa meal, I will definitely try it sometime and bake with it. Awww, it is just so much fun to browse around and look for healthy products, I get inspiration for my baking/cooking from it ;) 
I Love to come up with new recipes to share with You.

Can You see the little squirrel? This one was so curious and interested in what I was doing as I did some running in this beautiful forest this weekend. I would not be surprised if I freaked the little fellow out with my "all over the place-ness and intensity" Lol... ;P 

Loved this view, this is also from when I was out mingling with squirrels;) 

I found all this beautiful quartz on that hill that I was running at <3

Doing some thrift store treasure hunting;P I so enjoy it, and will do a separate blog post about my thrift store adventures! ^^ <3 I AM sure it can bring someone out there inspiration in some way in being creative with things one already have, or inspiration that we can change our surroundings in a environmental- and wallet friendly way. And the fact that by shopping like this we will have a bit more unique things, and can Create a very personal style, is quite lovely if You ask me. We are to shine with our uniqueness to be in harmony with the Oneness, right?! ;)

Oh goodness, this summer went by so fast! It has been a lovely one, lots of wonderful moments in nature, the weather allowed me to Create much of my art outdoors, a few nice trips to beautiful places, and of course- this summer brought profound expansion, shifts, and changes. This is how we consciously walk into the New with all its limitlessness and Magic. We are deeply present, we are well with change, we have patience, acceptance and stay open for whatever wants to come into our reality that is in alignment with our truth and inner, of course, we trust that our experiences bring us exactly what we need to move forward and expand on our journey of ever BEcoming. 

We choose to fully let go/release/clear the old (meaning what doesn't bring us pure upliftment and raising of vibration). We choose Self empowerment and trust, instead of going into fear and stay in it, cling to old beliefs, behaviors, patterns, and people that in truth has served their purpose. We know the importance and full right that we have to fully release and let go of unnecessary doings and interactions. 
We have chosen to step into our power more, through our INNER empowerment, truth, freedom, and Self Love. When we live from our core like this, we always choose the New, we choose expansion, growth, and learning trough joy and Creating. We understand that any sort of clinging to what was is an indication that there is something we need to Master and transcend in this. 
Because the attachment to the old will Not serve us in truth, it simply prolongs our journey to fully BEcome our True Self and the Magic, miracles and wonder we can Create from this state. 
I wished to lightly touch on this subject because there seem to be many who in truth because of fear, have attachments to the old and they use the old to identify themselves, who they are, and what they should do. The "past" is completely irrelevant at this point, of course we are to learn from it and bring into the present what we need from it, but we are to BE Now, bring all our parts, facets, and multidimensional aspects into the Now as One. <3

We co-Create the New through pure Love, Light and joy. We go forward and flow beautifully on our journey and path of Light. In this we are open and receptive  and come up with so many new ideas, we get inspiration, revelations and clarity, and therefor give birth to so much New; new solutions and new opportunities wherever we choose to set our focus. We step into the New Life that we already have within us. We are to focus on our pure and true hearts intentions, desires, and dreams, Create and manifest/materialize them in the physical, as we do so- we help Create/bring fourth the New with all its endless possibilities for ourselves and for all who open up to it. There are no limits, the only thing that limit us is our beliefs and fears. We open up more and more to the beautiful, magical, wonderful, miracle filled, and amazing beyond belief. 

Within a state of Love expressed, there is so much to discover, explore, experience, give, receive, learn, and enjoy. We have just started, loves, it is just the beginning. So enjoy this ever expanding Now moment, enjoy You, trust the knowing in your heart that no one can take away from you, enjoy the knowing that You, as the individualized Spark of Source that You are- will infinitely BE You, so Create as the powerful Creator being that You are, Create your own wonderfulness that is perfect for You. When we fully Feel all this, we have no rush in anything, we have beautiful patience and trust that all is in Divine perfection and timing.

Wishing You All a new week filled with harmony, blessings, clarity, and childlike enthusiasm and playfulness;P

I Love You <3

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