September 2, 2014


One of all the things that has shifted a lot since I BEcame my True Self is my taste in clothes and color. In the "past" I wore a lot of black. It is a very nice and fancy color to wear of course, I AM just currently feeling that I want to surround myself with other colors. I have always enjoyed surrounding myself with white in the sense that my home decor has been in that color for years. This past year, I have started to get inspiration and simply have a deep inner knowing of what I like, I no longer "need" something external (magazines, people, celebrities or whatnot) to inspire me what to wear or how to decor my home. This is so very common these days, this is how it works, many believe that the way to feel good and confident is to go by the external and do what others are doing in many/most ways. 

I have never been one to do what others are doing just to fit in and be accepted, lol, that's for sure, but what I mean is that I have become even more empowered from within in all this too, it may be seen as a shallow thing to focus on this subject that I AM sharing today, but in truth we are to have balance in all areas, including this. We are to feel that we deserve and are supported in whatever we ourselves truly wish to manifest into our reality.

You can say that I in my life do and have always done sort of the opposite to what the majority does;) Well I understand now that this is how it has to be, as a being who, just like many of us, are here to help change old templates and systems simply through embracing and living our Truth in authenticity, integrity, purity, fearlessness, Divine grace and with full devotion to the law of One. This brings Light to the planet and All dimensions/realities, this Light brings upliftment and support for All in this oneness, and this means that it brings beautiful support for those who will change and restore Mother Earth with their new ideas, systems, technology etc. We all have a unique role to live in this oneness, and we all support each other through this. In truth, all we have to do is BE ourselves, our absolutely beautiful True Self who shines and enjoys its own journey of ever BEcoming, this will always lead us to the next step. This is not in any way about saving/rescuing anyone or anything. It is about coming to the profound understanding/inner knowing that the outer is a reflection of the inner, and the upper/heaven can be lived in this reality too. As within, so without, as above, so below.
A knowing that it is our birth right to have the option to align ourselves with- and Create a life that we truly Love (not from lower mind/ego though, that will not give very long term satisfaction).

As I transformed into a me that felt more Me than I have ever felt; of course the overall complete shedding of built up walls, beliefs, and whatnot brought me an inner peace and contentment that is beautiful beyond what words could explain. It brought me a new way of living, breathing, eating, thinking, acting, the list goes on;) One little part, but just as important as all the other parts (as they make a perfect wholeness, and we are to have balance between them all), is that I started to like other colors, and styles, which now came from within me, the Love for it come from my core/spark/multidimensional awareness, and not because it is the "right"/"popular" thing. And well.. I will not lie, I AM a princess who embraces and consciously are aligning more and more with both my inner and outer Magic, so it sparkles and shines, from within to without. In my own way, I AM Creating my own little piece of Heaven here where I AM, more and more in every expanded Now moment.

My absolute favorite way to shop these days is to go to my favorite thrift store here in town. I absolutely Love when things have a personal/deeper meaning to them <3 I want to share with You about some of the things I have bought and what they mean or represent to me, it might inspire in some way to BEing Creative with things You already have, or inspiration that we can change our surroundings in an environmental- and wallet friendly way, and also to show that we do not need anything or anyone in the external for inspiration to Create beauty around us that purely reflects our inner.
And the fact that by shopping like this, we will have a bit more unique things, and can Create a very personal style, is quite lovely if You ask me. We are to shine with our uniqueness to be in harmony with the Oneness, right?

Enjoy BEing You, enjoy your own uniqueness and shine your brightest <3

At the thrift store, treasure hunting ;P

As I AM consciously embodying the Beloved energy, and are honoring my own inner Sacred Marriage, I so adore things that has that feeling to it. I just had to get this little ornament. For starters, it is a swan, which symbolizes Beloveds because of the swans life long Love and devotion for their partner, and the fact that it looks like two within one (the Divine principle) made me simply adore it. I use it to store my favorite crystals in when I AM not using/wearing them.

This bowl looks like a seashell, which represents abundance. It has this amazing sheen of rainbow colors to it. Rainbow Light represent the rainbow that is all life in Creation, and it represents Unity consciousness. Right now, I safely store my Unicorn oracle card deck in this bowl.

On this super mini platter I store the raw clear quartz pendants that I make.

In this bunny I currently have all the quartz that I found this past weekend. The bunny reminds me of playfulness and abundance/prosperity.

Here are some clothes that I have bought, just to give an example on how we can change a whole wardrobes color scheme in quite an easy way, if that is something we would like to do. They cost about 2 euro each, so all this cost around what one sweater would cost in a "normal" store. When I see things like this, it inspires me so much, and I hope that this can inspire You too in some way :) 
Shopping like this brings a sense of happiness, to get use of things that someone else have gotten tired of, to let these beauties shine! ;) 

Wishing You a lovely day/night. Let us enjoy and be grateful for what we have and for everything we receive through us consciously aligning ourselves with whatever we desire in our true heart. Be grateful for all the blessings we have and all yet to come.


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