September 3, 2014


Hi there <3 I hope that You are having a lovely day. For me, this day was filled with beautiful gifts from both Mother Nature and Family <3 I AM so very grateful for it.
Stopped on the way home today to soak in this wonderful view. Water brings so much harmony, and of course I sent pure Love to it. When we send Love to water, it ripples to all the water on Beloved Gaia, both the planet and our bodies consist of so much water <3 I absolutely Love to spend time at a lake or by the sea. I just had to share the peacefulness from this place with You.
And I would also like to share the sweet gift that i received today from my Soul sister. It brought me such a playful feeling, as her gifts always does ;) it somehow makes me feel like a kid on Christmas, Lol! We shall let that inner child be bubbly and goofy;P

Love <3

Such calm water.

The gift I received today. It is a wall decoration, and I have hanged it next to my dresser.
Love this!, has that pretty Unicorn vibe;P It is so perfect that there is three hearts, to me, it will represent the Divine trinity of Love, Wisdom, and Power.

Enjoy your day/night. Be open to and allow the flow of giving and receiving. 
So much Love and Blessings to You <3