September 22, 2014


Dear Ones <3 Happy Equinox to You! 
I AM sure that many of you are feeling the intensity of this powerful gateway of Light. Me and my dear friends do feel it indeed. The word that I have heard the most when they have described this period is Magical, and it feels like the perfect word. It truly feels as if there is Magic and amazingness in the air;) I have enjoyed these Magical energies within deep presence this weekend, I AM feeling that every moment in this is to be enjoyed and savored!

There is a big shift happening, and we are entering a new phase where we BEcome even more Balanced in our Divine masculine and feminine energies. This is seen amongst many of us Now. We are expanding in our unique Creative passions, we get lots of New ideas and inspiration, and we Create lots of New in many areas.

We co-Create as the powerful Creator beings that we are in truth through a balanced inner of Divine feminine/masculine energies, yin/yang polarized opposites, which makes us BE in an embodied state of pure Love. When we are Balanced within- we work with the True sexual energy- which is pure Creative energy- it is the Life Force itself flowing through us.

We may Now also feel the urge to treat our physical vehicle really well. We are being asked to take excellent care of ourselves. Within to without. One. So we desire to eat/drink purer than ever, and treat our body like the temple that it is. This is naturally so, because the Light affect our physical body, our DNA is changing back to its original 12 strands. This calls for a New level of Self care of course, as nothing comes by itself and we ourselves are the ones who consciously choose to BEcome a Divine Human.

We are to stay in our Core of pure Love and Peace. Flow flow flow in our power, here and Now, with the currant of Love. Wishing You a wonderful day, enjoy this autumn Equinox. 

I Love You <3

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