September 24, 2014


Happy New Moon in Libra, Dear Ones <3
I hope You are all doing well, and feel the absolute Magic and amazingness of the strong and powerful equinox energies. What a huge influx of New Light indeed, and there is a huge Shift taking place. I still feel the beautiful intense activity in my heart space, which comes of taking in so much Light. We are taking in/receiving so much Light in our physical bodies and physical reality. If we are ready, open, conscious and embracing, this is such a wonderful beautiful magnificent time, to say the least. By BEing in Trust, presence, gratitude and flow, we notice, receive, and experience the beauty and gifts that is all around us. We are to align ourselves Within with whatever we wish to see in the "external".

This New Moon is the beginning of the eclipse season which will last for 6 weeks. We are entering a time of beautiful opportunities for expansion in a rapid pace and change/New beginnings. A New Moon is always about new beginnings, and setting intentions, plus that we are soon entering October which is a month of New beginnings. So there is lots going on, and I AM sure many of you feel and experience it. There is always a flow and Divine opportunities for all this, what this simply means is that the energies are extra strong and we get a powerful boost.

Libra is very much about relationships, we are to have Balanced relationships with people where there is fair exchange and harmony. This New Moon brings us lovely opportunities for creating a completely new cycle in our relationships. As always, it begins with ourselves, we are to have complete Love for all of our Self to be able to Love, respect and have compassion for others fully. 
Know that we have the right to be discerning in who we let into our lives, we are to release as much as possible those that no longer bring us empowerment, upliftment and support. We all deserve to have people in our personal lives that fully Love us for who we are, and supports us in ALL ways.

I feel that this time is much about us BEing energized and focused even more on our Creative passions and gifts, and many are starting to see and reap the beauty of following our true joys fully and fearlessly.

We are now moving from one season to the next, and there is an immense shift happening, so let's enjoy some time to be still for a bit and "look" at how much we have expanded and how much we have learned from our experiences thus far. <3

Wishing You a most wonderful New Moon, loves, embrace it with all of your beautiful BEing;)

I Love You <3

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