September 25, 2014


Hi there <3 I hope You are having a lovely week so far. We had an immense influx of New Light at the Equinox, and have been integrating it this week. I have already expanded and shifted so much, and like I have mentioned, I AM expanding rapidly in my art. Just this past week I have started to make Unicorn essence pendulums, draw portraits, and gotten so many new ideas and inspiration for New pieces I want to Create and do. I enjoy doing my art so SO much, and my greatest desire for my creations is that they will serve whoever decides to get one of my pieces. <3 
I also had a powerful dream this night that spoke about New birth/beginnings. And this feels in alignment with the shift that is taking place which we all have the opportunity to experience. What we need to do to consciously BE in the reality where pure Love and Light resides is release all fear (all the things that lowers our vibration, such as control, beliefs, judgement, expectations etc.) because that is what keeps us from not choosing another reality. <3

I finished making these Princess Heart ornaments today <3 They feel and look so pretty and
princessy right? ;P I will make more pieces with this vibe, next I will do
Princess Heart pendulums <3 Many of us do have that sparkly Princess in our heart,
and she so enjoys all things bright, sparkly, and Magical ;) <3

I got these new pearls that I "ordered" from my moms friend who went to a big pearl factory on
her vacation. These soft pink beauties will be perfect for making Princess pieces;) 
Yeah!!, look at that pink yumminess ;P

I watched Beautiful Creatures last night, I Loved this movie. It was so magical and had a beautiful message of true Love and how powerful it is. If You haven't watched it already, I definitely recommend it. One just have to snuggle up and watch a movie every now and then;)

I also felt that it was time for a Unicorn message for us. The card that came up was "Decide". We are to be clear about what we truly want, and declare it to the Universe. We are to know that we deserve whatever we truly want. All is Now in this ever expanding moment, and we, as the Creator BEing that we are, can align ourselves with the frequency of it, and therefor Create it. This is how it is more and more as we walk into the New Now. We can just get a thought of something we need/want and it will manifest in a beautiful magical way very quickly. The New is absolutely amazing, and Magic is everywhere <3 We just got to be fully clear about what we want, and let go of the rest. Trust your true heart and feelings. Stay aware, conscious and true to yourSelf.

Have a sweet day/night, dear ones. Enjoy these Equinox and New Moon energies within presence.
It is intense, so it is important to listen to what You need on all planes. 
It is time for me to make dinner here, gotta be energized so I can swirl around and sprinkle my Magic;P 

I Love You <3

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