September 28, 2014


Hi, Beloved Hearts <3 
I hope that You are having a nice weekend. We have had an intense period with waves of New Light and expansion since the equinox, followed by the Libra New Moon which brought in Divine opportunities for creating harmonious relationships with fair exchange, which may very well bring up "unhealthy" ones/patterns/beliefs if we have them in our lives, so we can release whatever is needed, internally and/or externally. Then there was a very powerful solar flare yesterday, which many of us feel strongly in one way or another, as these always triggers releasing in either physical body or wherever it is needed. As You can probably feel, whoa!, yes it's a time of profound changes, shifts, integration and expansion.

It may seem as if there is lots of disharmony/disturbances/triggered behaviors/confusion in our close or not so close surroundings as this New Light is stirring the pot in a grand way, to say the least. The key at this time is to stay in our Core of pure Love, calm, balance and peace. This does not mean that we are to "please" anyone and just be "kind", no, we are here to follow, live and speak our truth within integrity and grace.
As the Light increases within and around us here on Gaia, which it does immensely right now, it also stir up what is not in harmony and in alignment with the New. The Light demands harmony and truth. We either flow with it, and release what does not bring us upliftment if there are such things/interactions, or stay in fear and resist, which will only prolong our own BEcoming of our True Creator Self, and bring us suffering in one way or another.

So let's BE in our Core, BE in our inner Sacred Space of pure Love and Magic, where we Feel and Know who we are and what we are doing here at this crucial time.
Flow with the cosmic in- and out breath in this ever expanding Now moment. We are remembering who we are, and we are BEcoming Divine Human co-Creators within pure Love and Light. 

Wishing You so much Love and Blessings. Take some moments for extra peace and quiet within deep presence as we move through all this. 

I Love You <3

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