September 30, 2014


Hi dear hearts <3 I hope that You are having a nice day filled with harmony and Magic;) I AM in such a hermit mode right now, and are processing a lot from this shift that I AM going through. This state brought me so much today. When we just relax and surrender, let the day become whatever it wants, which is so beautiful at times, we BEcome like a chalice for Magic, lol. I is important at times to be like a hermit and let the New in in compete trust and surrender. This makes us so much more receptive and open to new ideas/revelations/wisdom. I received so many gifts today, and here I will share a few of them with You <3

I enjoyed the gorgeous rays in the park, oh the Sun is just amazing right Now. 
So much activations and downloads. 
And the boys had fun, which always brings such Joy to my heart <3

Always something very very interesting and important to sniff on;P

I found such beautiful white feathers all over the place today. The Unicorns are near;)
I use these in my art so I AM grateful when I find these, plus that it makes everything so Magical when these precious ones lie wherever I go on my walks <3 Don't they look so pure and bright?!

On my way back, I got this knowing that I would find something beautiful and lovely, that would bring me even more joy in my heart, and then a few seconds later I had these flowers right in front of me. They were growing in a pile of mud, lol;P I usually do not pick flowers since I feel they serve their purpose just where they are, but as it is getting colder and colder here now, and these would not last many more days, I thought that they would enjoy spending their last few days at home with me.
They have such a gorgeous deep color <3
Such a beautiful gift from Mother Nature. Thank You.

I received the most lovely package from my Soul sister today, and this is a "Bubble of Love" tiara she has made me. You know, for my Bubble ;P 
I absolutely Love it!! Makes me align even more with my Divine Self. We are to embrace our inner Royalty.

There is so much to be Grateful for, and I AM deeply Grateful for my amazing Family, for Mother Gaias beauty and Love, and for receiving gifts in heart and in tangible form. 
With Magic WITHIN us, we notice it all around us too <3 Enjoy your inner Magic. So much Love and so many Blessings to You <3

I Love You <3

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