September 11, 2014


Happy blissful day to You, I hope that You are having a lovely day <3
It is really starting to look and feel like fall here. Love all the colors!, and absolutely adore all the cute mushrooms <3 ;P Oh my.. Mother Nature sure is Magical <3

I found these beautiful treasures today. Two white fluffy feathers and three clear quartz stones. They carry such a pure Angel vibe <3 and are/will inspire me in my art and life. Nothing is random and everything is for a reason, as within so without, so by these coming into my life, I feel that they wish to serve with their amazing energies right Now. I AM so happy that these beauties popped up and wanted to be taken cared of. I did not expect to find anything so I did not have a bag or anything like that with me. As I took this photo beside the apple trees in the park, I spotted a brand new magenta pink little bag lying under a tree, so I got a bag to carry home my treasures in <3 To me, this is Magic indeed. When we embrace and align with our inner Magic through deep presence, gratitude, awareness, BEing conscious and staying true to our Self, we Create (attract) Magic and also notice it all around us.

Here are some pics of the beauty around here :) It all look so fairyland like!, right?
Beautiful colors, shapes, hearts ;P , everywhere. Love it <3 Brings fourth that inner Child. It brings such joy to be surrounded by Mother Natures miracles.

Wishing You so much Love. May You enjoy your own inner and outer Magic <3

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