September 12, 2014


Happy Friday to You <3
May You All have had a great week :)

September seem to be, just as we predicted, a month of releasing/letting go fully of what does not serve anymore so that a beautiful shift can happen. Whoa!, right? ;) We are moving in a rapid pace, for sure.
Many new revelations, ideas, and realizations come fourth now. For me, it has been so indeed. The full acceptance and embracing of what I truly AM, and what I truly want, and release any sort of doubts/beliefs/outer influences, and understanding that I do "deserve" it, we all do, just by existing. It requires centeredness, bravery, and trust in the Self to truly face what comes up that wants to be seen with awareness and in a conscious way. The only thing that matters in truth, is that we stay true to ourselves, not get caught up/affected by others/situations/information/beliefs that is not in full alignment with our New life in the Now. We will always know if it is aligned or not through trusting our feelings, our most precious tool. We are to release whatever that is not bringing us upliftment and joy. We shall not ignore or anything like that, we shall always embrace it and see what we can learn from it, then it is time to let go/release it in LOVE. 

Each and every one of us are the ones who are bringing fourth and anchoring the New Earth, in every moment, so by us BEing empowered, authentic, fearless and focused on our joys and passions fully, within deep presence and gratitude- we are living our purpose. The important thing is to never follow others, we must always go within and check if it truly resonates with our hears. 

Balance. Balance is truly everything, Mastery is Balance. So by us Balancing ourselves within, and therefor also Balance all our areas, parts, and aspects in life, we can be sure that we live our "purpose". Through each and everyone BEing in their Self Mastery, the planet is changing. 

There is so much to be enjoyed here, and so much to be grateful for. Open up the heart and mind, open up to Magic and Miracles that are beyond amazing. Through the Light of our Soul awareness, we open up to the limitless possibilities in the New, in the realm of eternal Love of One.

Wishing You a wonderful Friday and weekend, may it be absolutely filled with miracles, no matter how "small or big" ;P they are all equally beautiful when looked at though gratitude and presence. 

I Love You <3

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  1. Have a nice weekend dear,