September 14, 2014


Dear Ones <3 I hope that You have had a lovely weekend <3 It is important now and in the times ahead to take care of ourselves and our physical bodies as much as possible. We recently had some Solar X-class flares and I feel them strongly now. Some of the things I feel is tiredness and buzzing in the body. So if any of you feel affected by these flares, know that we are to be gentle with ourselves and flow with what we need as much as possible. 

We are to treat our physical vehicle well and listen to what it needs because without it we would not be able to be here and experience these absolutely amazing times of expansion and raising of vibrational frequency on the planet. Eat and drink pure- Life Force, remove unnecessary tasks and interactions as much as possible (things/people that does not bring upliftment and joy, it is easy for us to be affected by such things), move the body by doing something that we enjoy, I enjoy yoga and running at the moment. Listen to the body, relax, rest, sleep if You so feel. When we do, we often get much more receptive to new downloads, activations, and ideas, we expand and grow on our journey of ever BEcoming. 

Enjoy You, treat yourself the best way that You can. Honor, be grateful for, and appreciate your body, what it does for You, and that it allows You to BE here and experience BEcoming the New Human, with a crystalline body, which makes us be able to do, experience, and Create so much Magic and Miracles. 

I AM honoring You All and I AM honoring myself. 
Flow flow flow, be aware and conscious, take guided Action, there's no hurry, but we should at the same time not "wait" for BEing "ready" or for the "perfect time" in this expanding Now moment. All we are to do is listen to our true heart, listen to our feelings and inner guidance, follow our joy and passions, fearlessly and by BEing in our power.

I Love You <3 

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