September 16, 2014


Dear Hearts <3 Oh my, can You feel how much New that is entering Now on some level or another, well ALL of course, it is all One;) A sense of Magic is in the air, and I feel that this will only grow Now. This is a time of letting go of things that come up which bring us a sense of being "dragged down" and not in our fullest Power and potential. So many seem to feel this Now, and this is an important step/process. The important thing is to not hold on in any way, as so much of the old needs to be let go of for us so that we can go forward in a beautiful pace, without slowing ourselves down by holding on to or try to break it down into tiny pieces in the hopes to keep it in our being.
We can simply just observe whatever comes up that wants to leave, and not fight it, we don't need to hold on to it in any way. 

Remember that whatever is felt and/or is going on in our surroundings that might be seen as chaotic, is meant to be there and let go of, and we go trough it in the easiest way by BEing centered in our Core of inner empowerment and Truth. We are to remember who we are and what we are doing here. Be easy on ourselves, know what we want, re-align ourselves by focusing on whatever brings us into our Bliss and what brings us inspiration. No matter what it is, if it brings us true Soul Bilss and Joy, we are doing exactly what we are supposed to do. 

Many are Now preparing to give birth to a New expanded Self, so we are to let go and then re-align with the New. If we don't, we simply just prolongs the process.

Know that we are god/goddesses here to be in our fullest potential and Magic, and not lower ourselves in any way. We are to be fully clear and declare to the Universe what we want, and not settle for anything less. This is not about BEing "perfect", it is about going through life within Love and awareness, and fully Love ourselves so that we want to learn, grow, expand, and Remember through Joy. And in this we have deep compassion and acceptance for all. It is through this that, one by one in their own lives, the New Earth emerges. It is there for whoever opens up to it, it is a conscious choice. 
There is so much beauty, joy, happiness, Magic, miracles, contentment and plenty for us by aligning with our True Self in every New Now moment. 

So know that all is beyond well. There is no need to struggle, suffer, or push ourselves, we are here to Flow, and follow this flow fearlessly and fully. 

Wishing You so much Love and Blessings. 

I Love You <3

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