September 16, 2014


Hi, dear Ones <3 I hope that You are having a lovely day <3 As I wrote in the previous post, there is so much going on now, we are letting go of things/beliefs/behaviors/habits/people or whatnot that we no longer need and that simply needs to be released for us so that we can embrace the New. We are to flow, not resist, and re-align ourselves to our inner truth and power. Expand and sooner or later align with-and give birth to the goddess/god that we are in truth. 
I AM so Grateful that we have each other, we are all in this together and there is so much Love for us if we are open for it. 
Today, I AM feeling beyond grateful for my Soul Family who always support, encourage, and simply are there for me no matter what. <3 We Love each other fully, every particle. 
In true Love, there is no fear, games, waiting, excuses, or expectations, we are there, Always <3 , in the present moment, fully open, feeling that we are perfectly enough, savor every moment, and take action on our true passions and ideas. <3

As we are here to live our fullest potential, if we so choose, and are here to live heaven on Earth, we are to feel, see and live this on all planes, not just believing that it will be so in the "future", or that we will magically just "be" there and "ready" one day, no, this is something we are to align ourselves with in every new now moment. I have pure Love, Light, beauty, Magic, and innocence within me, and are therefor aligning mySelf with it on all planes, so I AM experiencing this all around me. All our own unique intentions, desires and wishes are our birth right to bring into the physical/materialize. We are to fully know what we want, and that there simply are no separation. The vertical (upper/"spiritual") and horizontal (physical/material) are to be ONE.

Here are some little sparkles that I adored around me today <3

We got gifted with a big bag full of garden apples <3 Grateful I AM.
Haha I just adored to snack on these last night ;)

Omg, sweeties, I made a New recipe today for raw blueberry pie. Yum! this pie turned out so delightfully delicious! Blueberry-lime amazingness;P
I will share the recipe with You soon :) 

As I stepped outside today, I spotted this big beautiful heart with stars around it that someone had made on the ground. It is just so perfect! Gives me a message of embracing our beautiful True Selves, feel that we are bright shining stars. It gives a message of how pure Love is who we are and it is the the key to true happiness and joy. We can recognize and Create miracles and Magic beyond our imagination within pure true Love. This shows how absolutely bright our hearts are and how much of this Light (colors are Light) we emanate when we live in Love. <3

Found this little fluffy white feather. It wanted to remind me of my Angelic Self, and my connection to the Unicorn kingdom. These feathers are so perfect when I Create my art. <3

Mushrooms with little hearts on them, made me smile;)
The one to the right also looks like Mickey Mouse, Lol, 
speaks of letting the inner child play and have fun <3

Enjoy your INNER and outer Magic<3
Have a sweet day/night. I Love You <3

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