September 5, 2014


Hi there, Happy Friday to You <3
I hope that You have had a good week with lots of new revelations, expansion and of course, Magic and laughter <3 Never to neglect that inner child who wants to play, goof around, and be all giggly.

My sister is coming to visit over the weekend, and as the bubbly One that I AM, I get all exited and want to make the weekend wonderful. When we are together we Create our own Bubble/World of bliss. <3

For refreshment I made vitamin water using cherries and lemon. Just add to water whatever berries/fruit that You prefer, and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours before serving. I refill the jars when empty so that I get the most out of the berries in it, it works fine to refill 1-2 times.

Made a white cabbage salad. I just mixed around 4 cups/1 liter shredded cabbage, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp white wine vinegar, 2 tsp pink Himalayan salt, and 2-3 pinches of black pepper. This is a great side dish.

I felt like taking an oracle card to get a message for me and whoever reading this.
A little inspiration for the weekend:)

The card that came up was Imagine. It says "what would You see, feel, think, and hear if your wish came true?". What a lovely message, Yes!, let's listen and follow fully our hearts/inner guidance and Create from within us whatever we truly desire. The frequency of our desires/dreams are already within us, and what we have to do is align ourselves with them within deep presence in every new Now moment. Trust your feelings/heart, they are one of our most precious tools. But remember that this is only so when we have stepped out of fear, and any sort of victimizing of ourselves. We are all fully Loved, nurtured, and free from within, and from this we can be so beautifully empowered. We are to be in our power and know that we do deserve our wishes, and have the right to live our own version of Heaven here on Beloved Gaia.

Trust and honor yourself. Go deep within and feel, listen, what do You really wish to align with and Create? Let's in every moment Create (a non passive word for attract) within pure Love, authenticity, integrity, grace, and gentleness.

May You have a lovely weekend. Wishing You so much Love, miracles and blessings.

I Love You <3