September 8, 2014


Beautiful blissful amazing MAGICal Monday to You! I hope that You have had a beautiful weekend. It was a wonderful one indeed. It brought a powerful shift, more Light and revelations. <3

To me, it seems to have been an intense weekend for many, and there has been intense releasing and integrating, and things seemed to shift profoundly from moment to moment. For me personally, this gave me an opportunity for Mastery in staying centered and calm and not get affected/absorb others energies and perception of reality, and not get affected by situations. I felt so wonderful the whole time, and can now feel that I have gotten the most beautiful confirmation that I have transcended the way of being affected by outer circumstances and people, which is of the old, in the New Now- we do not let the "external" affect our vibration. We all know this by now, but it is one thing to say/write it, and another thing to truly Live it. And in truth, all that matters is that we live our "talk" and show by example, of course. Pure Love in Action, which is fully accepting, compassionate, authentic, in integrity, and in Divine grace. We live fully from WITHIN, where we are Loved, free, nurtured and empowered.

We are opening up to consciously BEing the Creator beings that we truly are, Create within pure Love, align with our New lives in the New Earth in every now moment. It is a conscious choice each and every one has to make. And this requires us to be well with change, not be attached to a certain "roll"/label or way of unfoldment, and be allowing towards whatever we feel deep within like doing/Creating in every moment.

Yesterday (Sunday) I felt a beautiful opening of what felt like abundance, that is the only word that I can find which describes it in one world. Such a wave of Light, which brought even more beauty and lightness. At first, I had to "shut down", take a moment to rest and sleep so that I got more receptive and could more easily integrate all this Light and BEcome more crystalline. When I woke up, I could sense a big shift in overall. 

Wishing You a lovely new week <3 Consciously align with your intentions, focus, flow flow flow. There are no limits, there are limitless possibilities in the New, expect the unexpected and beyond beautiful, know that we are to experience, see, feel and Create Magic and miracles beyond our imagination. 

Enjoy this amazing time of opening up to One Divine Love. 

I Love You <3

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