September 8, 2014


Happy Full Moon/Super Moon in Pisces, Beloved Ones <3

This third and last summer Super Moon brings expanding energies, so that gives us an opportunity for great expansion. 
This may also be a very emotional time and it may be more easy to absorb other people and environments and get affected by it. So we are to stay centered and BE in our power and Truth, stay calm and really listen within to that inner knowing that no one or nothing can take away from us. Remember Who we are and what we are truly doing here.

We are on our own unique journey of ever BEcoming, and shall therefor never believe that someone else knows better or more what is good/"right" for us, and also we shall never compare our journey with someone else's. All are of equal value and all deserves and are worthy of abundance on all planes simply by existing, nothing else. It is not about struggle, suffering, sacrifice, martyr, or any sort of these old and outdated beliefs that we are to "earn"/deserve a life or something we desire trough the things mentioned. We all deserve abundance on all planes just by existing, and have the opportunity to Master the way of Creating (attracting) it by aligning with the frequency of it. As we get conscious of- and embrace/embody all our parts, aspects and multidimensional expressions as ONE here in this reality, we live our Truth and as our True Self. We bring to the planet and anchor here in this reality the dance we dance of pure Love, Bliss, euphoria and contentment amongst the stars. BEcoming the New humans, bringing in the new Golden Age.

Full Moons are always about relationships and balance. So we are being asked to find harmony in our most close and not so close relationships, and also within ourselves, if this is not so at the moment.

Simply BE, in deep presence and fully Trust that our inner core- our inner infinite Spark that is an individualized aspect of Source- will always guide us so that all will be in Divine perfection and comes in Divine timing. Listen to the true heart/inner guidance, trust it, flow with it. Release what does not bring joy, upliftment, and growth. Release all unnecessary tasks and interactions. We all have the full right to choose who, what, and where we put our energy and intent/focus. We are powerful Creator BEings, and can open up to learning, growing, and expanding through joy and Creating, within pure true Love, flow, and ease.

May You enjoy this Super Moon, bathe in HER Magical energy. And put those precious crystals out for a good cleanse ;)

I Love You <3


  1. amazing!