September 8, 2014


Hi <3 I hope that You are having a nice day. Like I wrote earlier, the weekend energies was intense, and this calls for staying deeply present, and grounded into Mother Gaia. For me, this and BEing grateful for everyone and everything I have in my life brings me pure Bliss.
I will share with You a few simple Magical moments from my own Bubble of Love this weekend.
Simplicity <3 the key to Magic and contentment.

Firstly, my weekend would not be complete without a moment of really enjoying the Divine feminine principle of pure beingness, nurture and receptivity, to just BE.. let all the New sink in and reflect on it all. I mean, a cup of herbal tea, wonderful conversations and shared laughs with Loved Ones, can one ask for much more? ;) <3

Oh Love was in the air! ;) I attended a beautiful wedding ceremony. Aww the Love between them <3 <3 
Wishing them a life together within pure Love, and wishing them so many Blessings. May they enter the marriage of full Trust and consciousness and live as one. I took a pic of the church that they got married in and the sun created such beautiful rainbow Light. The Light on this pic captures the abundance and Light that I felt coming in during this weekends shift. So beautiful <3

Celebrated my grandfathers birthday, and I made him fig jam and crackers. Love this jam so much. Just save mason jars and use when making things like this. This is such a great little gift. Homemade goodies are always appreciated and embraced.
My fig jam recipe here.

Saw some fireworks with the family, the city had the annual welcoming of the fall show. Sparkly ^^ lol. 
Had so much fun with my sister and cousins <3

Ooooooh and finished the weekend looking out over this Magic <3
Kind of perfect, if I may say so myself ;P

Aaaand today, loves, I made my first raw chocolate! Whooooaa ;) So beyond delicious..
I will share the recipe after this post <3

It is the small sparkles which I enjoy within deep presence in my life that brings me happiness, contentment, and grounds me beautifully. Bubble of Love;) that is what I call my way of living. This Bubble is another name for Soul and inner Spark awareness, which when we have and live from- we feel fully Loved, nurtured, safe, free, and empowered from WITHIN, we BEcome our True Self, and can therefor learn, grow and expand in joy and by Creating our own unique things. Magic within and without.
I AM so grateful and honored to be here on Beloved Gaia in these absolutely amazing times of powerful changes and expansion, as many of us consciously walk into a 5D reality. 

So much Love and Miracles to You <3

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