October 23, 2014


Happy Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse, Beloved hearts <3 Solar eclipses are indeed very powerful New Moons. Our awareness increases, and our lives may feel as if they are taking on a whole new faster speed around eclipses. The energy of them supports and may certainly bring endings and also beginnings in our lives in some way, as many possibilities and opportunities come with them. This is so because their energy supports us in breaking old patterns and this makes us do profound changes in our lives. This particular New Moon is the beginning of a new moon cycle, and the eclipse is the beginning of a new eclipse cycle.

This eclipse is very much about us moving even more into our heart space and pure Love. The more centered we are there, and the more we live from there- the more clear, peaceful, free, safe, and empowered we feel. We are to fully embrace and Love All of our parts and aspects, this leads to inner empowerment, and we are then in our power as a co-creator BEing. This is to be done regardless of circumstances and other people, this is our own inner full acceptance, patience and Love for ourselves, and through this, we can also feel the same for others. 

A beautiful little exercise you can do that supports you into living more from the heart space is to sit/lie comfortably. If you so feel, close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Move your awareness down into your heart center, and feel how you are now in the center of your heart space- fully safe, fully loved, and infinite. As you dwell there, see and feel yourself BEing fully balanced, calm, clear, and grounded, in deep presence. You can also imagine a beautiful yin-yang symbol or a vesica piscis symbol in your heart space, bringing balance, wholeness and peace.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Moon/Solar Eclipse, enjoy these powerful energies. So much Love, Blessings and miracles to you.

I Love You <3

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