October 22, 2014


Beloved hearts <3 I and some of my dear friends are feeling and experiencing changes in our womb areas at the moment. There's clearings, releases, and changes in the womb and ovaries that are to be gone through. The DNA in the womb, ovaries and whole pelvic bowl area is to be re-set/activated. 

For women, there are many changes and releases in the womb that must be gone through to be able to BEcome the new human that has a fully healed divine feminine-masculine energy within, which also means in the physical body. The Divine Feminine is returning fully to the planet by us opening up our heart centers (both men and women). And humans also got to release the old (relationships) that no longer serves our highest good, to be able to embrace the new and balanced way of Union. With fully balanced, and harmonious Unions will come pure bliss, euphoria and ecstasy, which with its powerful energy will affect and balance all life on the planet (and therefor affect the whole cosmos too). 

The feminine (Love) is the one who takes care/nurtures the masculines (mind) seed/idea, and then gives birth to it. So the feminine bodies Sacred womb and sacral area is a powerful key piece in all this indeed. The masculine and feminine are returning to a state here where complete and perfect Union is possible. To work side by side, in balance and harmony, enhancing each other. Dancing the dance of Love and Life as One once again on Beloved Gaia.

A beautiful and beneficial thing to do in these times of immense changes/activations is to place your hands on the womb/sacral area and send from your heart through your hands; golden Light to nurture and heal. See how the whole pelvic bowl area is being filled and also surrounded with golden Light. Embrace, honor and fully Love this area. You can also use crystals. Hold them to your womb area or simply hold them in your hands as you meditate. Go with your intuition and feel which crystals that will assist you beautifully in this.

I Love You <3

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