October 21, 2014


Dear ones <3 I Love flowers, and have always enjoyed surrounding myself with them. Even as a kid I adored gardening and taking care of plants and crops. At the moment I live in an apartment so I can not do gardening outdoors, but I do what I can indoors, until I have my cottage with garden;)
My neighbor had this absolutely gorgeous magenta pink geranium, of course I got all exited and just.. aaahhh, gotta have that flower!! ;P so I got a branch from it so I can grow my own plant <3 There is so much flower Magic in the air here, lol, I even found a little plant when I was out walking!

This is the flower from the geranium I got, I cut the flower off from the branch, so that it wold not take the nutrition from it. Oh such a beautiful color! <3

All you have to do is cut off a branch, put it in water and place in a window, have it there until it develops roots. Then plant it in a pot. Just remember to remove leaves that are under the water surface, and remove flowers/buds if there are any.

Yesterday when I was out walking I found this flower that someone had placed outside for the winter to die. So I brought it home with me, I felt it had such a wonderful vibration and would fit in nicely in my home:) It has a beautiful bright pink shade on its little flowers.

Oh!, and lastly I AM happy to announce that my Christmas cactus has developed new buds. These are also called November cactus, so it seems as if this little One wish to bloom right on time, lol;)
The flowers on this one are white with a pink core, so pretty. I have another one too, that has pink flowers. Something you can do to make these extra happy is to place them outside for the summer, my grandparents have theirs on their patio in the summers and the cactus Loves it so much;)

It is beautiful how we can enjoy, work, serve and expand together with Mother Natures flowers and plants, if we so feel guided. They have lots to bring us, and we to them.
Wishing you a lovely present moment, enjoy your inner and outer Magic, listen to your heart, listen to the flowers;) and stay true to yourself. Love You <3

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