October 20, 2014


Hi there, hope you are having a lovely day <3 I feel that it is so very beneficial for us Now to not be attached to a specific idea, outcome, belief, expectation or such in any way. Not cling to the old, no matter what, it will only slow us down and create more discomfort and confusion if we do. Our greatest tool is our feelings, we can ask ourselves; does this feel good or not?, does this bring upliftment or not?, and then think/speak/do/take guided action and align ourselves with whatever we feel is in harmony with our hearts. The New Now means constant change. We can never go back to how it was or what we may have perceived as normal/our path in the past, this means even yesterday or an hour ago. Everything we experience, see, and hear (no good or bad) is for our own expansion, leveling up in vibration and tapping into the consciousness of One. There is one consciousness, it is pure physics.

To be well with change is truly the key to flowing more easily in the Now. We are now BEcoming our true selves, within these physical vehicles, and this may be called the new humans. We are bringing fourth (remembering) abilities, knowledge, skills, and wisdom from our Souls and multidimensional aspects. So many years ahead will be constant change, as change is the New. We are no longer "stuck" on a certain level of frequency, but rather we are now constantly expanding and stepping up in frequency. This naturally means that change will come with it. So we just got to stay open, relaxed, conscious, and embracing of what wants to come fourth in every New Now moment. 

Enjoy within the beauty of neutrality of pure true Love, and savor every moment in this amazing time here on Beloved Gaia and in the whole Universe.

I Love You <3

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