November 7, 2014


Beloved Ones <3 There's such a beautiful energy of stillness in the air. This full moon we just had are all about the feminine/Goddess energy. We are being asked to surrender deeper into pure BEingness.. and expand in working with the balanced divine feminine-masculine principles as one. The feminine/Love is embracing the masculine/Light seed/idea, and nurtures it so that it grows and BEcomes. The masculine is the one that gets the idea, then the feminine takes the idea into the sacred womb where it is embraced in Love and is nurtured, for it to be able to get birthed/Created with the pure white birthing energy- source creative energy, which we can work with when we have an open heart and live from our heart space first. We live within Love, grace, compassion, acceptance and trust.

In the New, it is not so much about doing, it is not about how. It is about feeling, in every moment, is this in alignment with my true heart?, does this feel good or not?, do I feel empowered or not?, and then from there we take action. 

So this Full Moon is giving us a beautiful opportunity to embrace and incorporate the divine feminine principles of pure BEingness, stillness, and nurture, so surrender, surrender is the word of this period indeed. Surrender to be able to get more open and receptive. Let go of old beliefs, take a break from all the devices, constant information, news, updates, etc. Allow yourself to BE, don't try, don't push, don't chase, just be you and enjoy this moment. Beautiful clarity and remembrance comes from this.

Wishing you all a wonderful and harmonious weekend. Relax and enjoy the inner stillness as much as you can.

I Love You <3

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