November 6, 2014


Hi there, I hope you are having a harmonious day/night <3 Happy Full Moon in Taurus!, wow feels like it was just a few days ago we had a full moon:)) right?, time flies these days;)

Taurus is an earth sign, which is a feminine element. This time is indeed all about embracing things by allowing ourselves to enjoy the divine feminine principles of surrender, stillness, nurture, receptivity, and pure BEingness.. 

The energy of this Full Moon brings to us more clarity in our lives, as it now will reflect to us what we truly value, and what brings ourselves a sense of self worth and what true wealth and safety is. Where does your attention go when you contemplate on what you value most?, and what brings you true value, safety, abundance, and harmony? 
What do we truly want to value in our life?, what do we want to Create, expand, focus on- and bring with us into the next chapter of our journey? Is there something/beliefs that diminishes our sense of self worth and intimacy with a fully open heart? We have a beautiful opportunity to use this most powerful energy to start create/build/materialize our desires, and this is also focused on long-term results. Where do we put our most precious attention?
What is our truth and what do we stand for? 
And all this is to be within true surrender in the knowing that we are always guided through our inner knowing and feelings, if we just stop and listen. We are to BE and create within trust, integrity, responsibility, discipline and patience, stay true to ourselves. These questions are to contemplate on and this is what this Taurus Full Moon brings to us. 

We all are valuable and worthy simply by existing. 

Wishing you a wonderful present moment, enjoy this Full Moon, enjoy some moments in stillness and relaxation at this time, and remember to put out your crystals for a good cleanse in these energies. Stay centered, grateful and within anticipation.

I Love You <3

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