November 3, 2014


Beloved ones <3 Happy Monday to you!, I truly hope you all have had a lovely weekend. There's so much happening now, we are Now taking on a whole new more rapid pace as we move deeper into the New and our roles there, there truly is an acceleration happening, and I AM sure many of you feel this deeply in one way or another. I feel that especially these last couple of weeks has brought with them sort of a total re-set and a "clearing of the canvas" in all areas and ways. 
We are being bombarded with Light, and are stepping more into our BEingness as Creators of Magic and miracles. We are to flow with all this, not fight it (get into control-mode), follow our true hearts and passions and let go, embrace what we truly feel is for us Now, and work harder than ever before, as nothing just comes to us, we are to Create it;) This does not mean it will be a stressful and painful new chapter/timeline shift (even though it might feel quite confusing at times, and come with its losses or sacrifices as we all have free will and some of our dear companions will stay in the old), but it will indeed be a busy one so roll up the sleeves, loves! This will be different for us all in our unique journeys, missions and tasks, so no need to compare ourselves with anyone, and remember that there's no right or wrong, good or bad, there's simply infinite possibilities and an option to tap more into the universal consciousness, dance our cosmic blissful dance amongst the stars and bring our multidimensional aspects right Here to this reality as One. Creating within pure Love for the enjoyment of it. All we are to do is follow our truth to the fullest. Feel and listen within. Let go and flow.

Wishing you a beautiful new week, may it be filled with harmony and joy. 

Love You <3

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