November 16, 2014


Beloved hearts <3 Today, our planet of Love, pleasure, beauty, and playfulness- Venus moves into Sagittarius. This brings a lightness, a sense of "expect the unexpected and beyond imaginable", dropping of old limiting beliefs, it brings growth, spontaneousness and courage to follow our hearts path of Love, light, truth, and peace. We feel an urge to live life to the fullest, and not hold ourselves back in any way due to fears and outdated beliefs. 
Listen to the heart, to that inner wisdom, it already holds the frequency of all that is and all that we are and will be. All that we have around us, all and everything, it is merely a reflection of our inner Universe, micro- and macro, One. All is for our infinite journey of BEcoming and Creating. 

Go within, it is all there in your Heart, it holds all you need, and as we move into this most Sacred space of ours, we feel that oh-so familiar feeling again, Home.

Wishing you all so much Love. Enjoy your present moment.

I Love You <3

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