November 22, 2014


New Moon in Sagittarius and Sun enters Sagittarius November 22nd 2014. <3

Beloved ones, Happy New Moon <3 
Oh can you feel it?, the fiery Sagittarius brings a spark!, a bit more lightness for us, so we have an opportunity to ignite what is emerging now.
At the moment, the new Moon, the Sun, and the planet Venus are all in the sign of Sagittarius. This is great support for inspiration, broader perspectives and expansion of our horizons.
This is indeed a time to stay in- and live from our core- our heart center, where we Create with pure Source energy. We are aligning ourselves with our pure, naked and deepest of truths and intentions. So this asks us to be courageous and live, do, create and BE this truth of ours.

New moons represent beginnings, and today's new moon occurs in the loving, adventurous, fun fire sign Sagittarius. This potent sign lightens up, brings amazing inspiration, and brings wonderful energies of support, confidence, faith, and optimism for us in creating and taking action on our goals and whatever we wish to grow in our lives. We may get a broader perspective and get more aware and understanding. We see a bigger picture and can BEcome a part of a co-creation with another/others, we move away from mostly focusing on details and our little self, and have beautiful support in moving away from fear (doubt, control, old beliefs). We all contribute with our own skills, perspectives, ideas, and such, on our unique mission here. By us passionately following, creating, living, expanding our own gifts- we move into true Unity, and uplift All of Creation.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is the planet of luck. It brings wonderful opportunities and good fortune, so keep the mind and heart open. Remember that there are no limits, only the ones we set by our beliefs.

This is a time to really celebrate Life! We can embody Love, BE Love, live and create within pure Love. Balance of feminine-masculine/yin-yang brings us utter clarity, knowing, and creative power.

Feel, BE, and make your Magic, beautiful Sparks. I Love You <3

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