December 1, 2014

Happy December

Happy December, Beloved hearts <3 
I sure hope you had a nice weekend:) For me, it has been a weekend of tranquility, BEingness, listening and enjoying within beautiful presence, opening the heart space even more, in this there has at the same time been a flow of realizations/remembrance/information. In this, we do not need to hold on to what comes up and try to "make sense" of it all, because that is too much working in the mental, and will just create confusion. In the New- processing through the mental first does simply not work very smoothly anymore, as you might have noticed. It needs to go through the heart space first. All we have to do is let it all flow through us now and stay centered in our heart space. Align ourselves there with our truth, and new earth. 

As we stay centered in- and live from our heart space, we assist the collective in making heart based decisions and act from the heart space. This is not to help, because no one or nothing needs to be rescued or such, as the extension of Source that we all are. This we do because we are within pure Love, we are within Unity consciousness, and we feel deep appreciation and Love for All of Creation. 

This night I dreamed of being pregnant, and also seeing another giving birth. This is indeed symbolizing this time that is "pregnant" and soon ready to give birth to another level of consciousness within us. All starts Within. I AM sure many of you feel this, especially for the month of December, the guidance to just BE.. to let things grow in its own perfect pace, and flow flow flow. Enjoy being you in your own sacred space, and enjoy BEing with your loved ones (can be physical family, cosmic family, family in another dimension, Angels, or whatever you feel a deeper connection to).

Wishing you a lovely new week <3 Unify Within, take some now moments to feel and see where you are now, to feel the New within you. 

Hugs, I Love You soooo <3 <3 <3

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