December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year!, Beloved hearts <3 Let us look back at a most magnificent 2014 with gratitude and pride for what it brought us, for the growth we have had, and for the new levels of Mastery we have reached. For me, it brought new levels of patience and divine compassion. It brought more Magic and blessings than I have ever experienced/received in my life previously. It had it's challenges, which I feel comes to us when we have reached and moved into another environment within us, a higher vibrational frequency, which often asks for situations/circumstances we have gone through in the "past"- so we can have the opportunity to handle them in another way and fully transcend it and clear it. 

2015 will bring so much change on all levels in our lives. We will have intense energetics and upgrades, as we are BEcoming the New Humans, here to show the way of living within pure Love and Mastery. We are anchoring/bringing to Beloved Mother Gaia our Cosmic dance of Love and Balance. There will be deeper connections through the heart with our own Soul rays as a Soul with many extensions in many dimensions and realities, deeper connections with Soul family, Star family, teams in Light and so on.

This new year already shows me that it will indeed be a year of change, as I can already feel so much profound change within, and the external has already brought so many divine gifts, lessons, and opportunities. Here, we will be starting the new year by moving to a new place. We are moving from an apartment to a house, which is BEyond what I could have dreamed of at this time, and it surely happened so smoothly and easy, almost can't believe it. To have more space, a yard and to be so much closer to nature is worth so much to me, and I AM so very grateful for getting this opportunity to experience this right now.

Wishing You a most wonderful 2015, may it be filled with blessings and pure Soul Bliss coming from You following Your True heart and staying true to your Essence.

Let us open up our hearts and minds even more, expect the unexpected and BEyond Magical and amazing. <3 In the New, things surely come in ways that we do not expect, in timing we can not predict or plan, and in forms we have never thought of. Let us embrace all that we are as a multidimensional BEing, and surrender to the endless possibilities in the new and unknown. Within us, Beloved children of the Sun, lies all knowledge and wisdom, as there simply are One Consciousness- pure physics, and through the understanding/use of the Cosmic laws, we can access it and therefore benefit this planet, cosmos and BEyond with it. Those with ears will hear.

This picture is from yesterday as we were on our way down town. I felt it was perfect to use today with its intense pink, yellow golden, blue colors. The colors of Love, Wisdom, and Power- the Sacred fire, which we wake up and can fully Create with trough full empowerment from Within us as the Goddess/God incarnate. May the beauty in this picture go straight into your heart.

Hugs to You on this day of wonder and mesmerizing Magic. Sending so much Love, harmony, peace, happiness and Light from me to you. Thank You truly for BEing a part of my life this year. Here's to a new year of great friendship, beautiful sharings, and wonderful adventures within pure Love.

I Love You, Lina Louise <3

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