December 29, 2014

Simplifying, Stillness, Playing, Reflecting, and Enjoying Our Magic

Hi there, Beloved one <3 I hope you are having a harmonious present moment. At this "time", many, including myself, feel guided to simplify, enjoy stillness, play, and also reflect on how much we have grown lately, how much we have let go of, and see/feel where we are now. If we truly listen and feel deep in our Core- we know that we are in a whole new environment, but it may not be visible to the human eye. This can make us feel a bit anxious and eager to see this around us too. 

Know that at this time, we are to surrender to the stillness and BE present in this holiday Void we are in, lol! Nothing can be forced or pressured in the New, as we are the ones who are transmitting it from within. So feel safe and calm in the deep inner knowing that says; all in divine timing, everything is for a reason and for our growth and Higher good. We simply got to be aware and conscious so we can feel and see it as we move deeper into the unknown.

Open up the heart and mind even more, most magnificent BEings. Know your power as an infinite Creator BEing. Enjoy the gateway and huge influx of Light we are taking in and transmitting from within at the moment. Listen to your true hearts desires, breathe it in/out/trough your whole BEing. Woooh!, I get so giggly and childishly playful at moments when I more intensely take in Light;P

Surrender into- and embrace nothingness and mesmerizing, blissful, playful, pure Magic. Right Here right Now- Beloved Gaia. 

We are having such beautiful ice crystals outside here, everywhere it looks like on this picture I took the other day. 

I Love You soooo, Lina Louise <3

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