December 23, 2014

Little Glimpses From My Birthday

Hi <3 I hope you are having a lovely present moment:) Woooh, it's Christmas!, this last month of 2014 went by so fast! It was my birthday on December 21, I had a beautiful simple day filled with joy, blessings, many laughs and some Magic within deep gratitude and peace. I AM so very touched and grateful for all the greetings and Love I received from family and friends on my day.

Here are some sparkles from my day that I wish to share with you. <3

Make a wish!! ;)
I made fully raw chocolate pie, sooo yum. I will share the recipe here
on the blog soon :)

Of course I had to have a pic of me and the tree on my day ;P 
OMG look at the star on the tree!, it's hanging.... Lol! Gotta fix that.. :)))
I AM wearing my latest pendant called Pure Heart. I will put them up
on my Bubble of Love web page when I've made more. <3

I decided to have three candles on my pie. 
One for Love, one for Wisdom, and one for Power <3

Always lovely to receive flowers, and this deep red color makes my heart all happy <3
Glad this little one wished to serve in our home with it's beauty over the holidays.

My Loves <3 <3 <3

A moment of blissful, golden, peaceful stillness.
My fully raw drink was raspberry vitamin water, absolutely delicious <3

Me and my sister went took a night stroll and watched the stars.
Absolutely stunning. So beyond happy and grateful for BEing here
on Beloved Gaia to experience her magnificent beauty and wonders <3

Wishing you a wonderful day. xxx, Lina Louise <3

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